Places To Visit On New Year In Dubai

As you know, December is here and this year is going to end very soon. Which means the new year is just around the corner and so is Christmas break. You must be thinking about going somewhere for vacations and for new year celebrations, right? Dubai is the place where you can enjoy to the fullest. The prices of airline tickets are very cheap now. You should also get your Cheap Flight Tickets to dubai now before it’s too late. Thousands of people from around the globe visit Dubai every year for new year celebrations to amuse.

There are many skyscrapers in Dubai. The tallest of them all is there too “Burj Khalifa”. It doesn’t matter wherever you are on the globe. You can always get your way to Dubai. Just make sure that you check the connected cheap flights already.

Dubai itself is convincing people that they should not hesitate to plan a trip.Whether it is for the new year celebrations or just a random trip. It has got some astonishing places which deserve to be seen at least for once.

It is always better to get in touch with the respective airline for tickets before time. So, you don’t have to rush at the time. So, it’s recommended to get all the information about the respectiveflight days, and flight timings.

Top Places To Visit In Dubai On New Year Eve:

Well, there are many places in Dubai where you can enjoy. The extensive fireworks on New Year’s Eve watching the way rainbowed water twirls is an ultimate treat for one’s sight. Who wouldn’t like to spend such quality time at a convivial place with a group of few loved ones? Following are the few places where you could get thrilled at New Year’s Eve.

Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain:

Many people from around the globe go there to witness the magnificent fireworks, light show, the water dance and music show at The Dubai Fountain. To be honest, It’s one hell of an experience. The water-music show happens at midnight. Innumerable gathers to witness the show with their loved ones. People start arriving there before even 6pm, so they could reserve the best spot for themselves.

There are also many restaurants along the waterfront, smart ones reserve the tables at any of their favourite restaurants. So, they could experience the event to its fullest without thinking of getting a cool spot. There are also some other places like Burj Plaza and Souk Al Bahar. There you can witness the fireworks and the light show as well.

If you are more of a calm personality type, you could get your table reserved at Burj Plaza. It’s a less crowded place. You can enjoy the view totally from there sitting.

So, you better get your tables reserved now and avoid getting stress later. If we talk about the water show, it’s a treat to one’s eyes. Lights coming from surroundings makes the water look coloured and more charming. The water whirls with the music. The whole sight feels like a dream and no one would like to miss this. So, book yourflightsfrom your desired locations and get your tickets now.

Atlantis, The Palm:

Atlantis, The Palm is a luxury hotel in Dubai. Its lavishness is second to none. It was the first resort which was built on an island. It’s totally made on water and a unique masterpiece. It is a five-star hotel.The hotel throws a luxury evening, a night full of fun, performances, luxury buffet, drinks and fireworks show under the stars. This placeis best for families. The new year night at “Atlantis, The Palm” has its own and entirely a different world. Thousands of people get together and this is what makes it more mesmerizing.

The ultimate show offireworks starts at midnight. The seats in the hotel are limited, so you should get your tickets as soon as possible. It’s a night of all glitz and glam. If you couldn’t make it to “Atlantis, The Palm” and could not book your tickets on time. There is no need to worry. There is a complex along the waterfront across the bay from Atlantis, The Palm. It has many restaurants, shops and entertainment points. You can get your table booked at one of your favourite restaurants there and watch the whole firework show.

Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab is a luxurious hotel on an artificial island on Jumeirah Beach. It is the seventh-tallest hotel in the world. Like other places, Burj Al Arab also has one hell of a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. The hotel throws a grand gala dinner on New Year’s Eve. The hotel has ship-sail structure. The classic fireworks display on New Year’s Eve compliments the hotel really well that it looks one of a master piece. There are few beaches next to Burj Al Arab which gives you the perfect view to get mesmerized by the fireworks show.

All the places are crowded. So, it’s better to leave early and get yourself a good spot and enjoy it to the fullest. And if not to the any of the beach then you could go to Madinat Jumeirah, one of the other sides of Burj Al Arab. This place has many restaurants and lounges. You can get your desired table booked at your desired restaurant and you can enjoy the classical sights.

This place has its own perks and would give you a wonderful experience. Don’t hesitate, you can get very Airline Ticket Prices to Dubai at this time of year. There are discounts everywhere. So do not wait because you are going to have the best New Year night of your life if you make it to Dubai in time.

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