How Pests Can Affect Your Health

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The 21st century is characterized by activities that are meant to improve the quality of life and the general well being of people. It’s for this reason that more people are considering indulging in some of the staples in healthy living which include exercising regularly, eating organic food and meditation among many more.

As much as this can tremendously improve your general health wellbeing, there are myriads of other aspects that can significantly pose a grievous danger to your health. One such aspect is pests.

You might at one point come into contact with pests or might have read what they are. But do you know how that they can inflict harm to you? While pests are known to destroy different parts of your home, including your garden and house, they can also pose a great danger to your health. You need to use pest control service for pest control at home.

The good news is that there are ways to get rid of pests from your home. This is the first step to ensuring that the pest will not only destroy your home or garden, but you maintain a healthy life as well.

You can always trust pest online resources such as to provide you with quality information on how to effectively get rid of pests in your home. is an online platform that is dedicated to providing you with all the necessary knowledge on how to deal with pests. Whether you are facing problems with bugs, houseflies or any other pests, you can always trust to provide up to date techniques on how to deal with your pest problem.

Even so, this article will give you in-depth knowledge of different pests and how they can affect your health.


Bed Bug Control Methods

With the mention of cockroaches, you probably are imagining hideous, gross and creepy creatures. You are not at fault for thinking that way. This is because these pests can be daunting to get rid of, apart from being having an icky factor.

Besides their obvious annoyance, cockroaches can also have serious health risks to your body. First off, cockroaches, unlike other pests can multiply rapidly. This makes it quite difficult to get rid of them easily. Due to this, it takes a very short time for cockroaches to turn into a full-blown infestation in your home.

But how are they a health risk to me? You might be wondering. Well, roaches are known to shed their skin quite often. Apart from this, they have a tendency to leave their droppings and urine everywhere they go through. Due to this, these droppings quickly turn into allergens.

Young children, the elderly and people sensitive to allergens can suffer devastating effects due to these droppings. The allergens can as well lead you to get diseases such as asthma or developing allergic reactions. Additionally, since roaches can sneak into tiny surfaces such as cracks, crevices or even drains, they tend to collect different bacteria from these areas and contaminating different surfaces such as countertops, tables, and cupboards with these pathogens. This indirectly leads to numerous diseases.


It goes without saying that mosquitoes are annoying. However, you probably are least aware of the many diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Apart from causing malaria, mosquitoes can also cause an array of other diseases that can be deadly.

Recently, the news has been plastered with numerous stories about a new mosquito-borne disease, the Zika virus. Even so, not many people are aware of this disease. Zika virus is a new disease that can cause death to many people, especially the elderly. Though not much is known about this virus, it has already proven deadly in different regions of the world.

Other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include the West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The latter is known to cause other health complications in an individual including encephalitis, which is a chronic inflammation of the brain, meningitis and many more. It’s of utter importance to know that these diseases are quite dangerous and can easily lead to death.

Bed Bugs

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You might have some knowledge about bed bugs. Well, these are little pests that can quite irritating. Additionally, bed bugs can be quite difficult to get rid of once they infest your home. Contrary to common belief, bed bugs not only infest beds but all wooden components in your home. This is because wooden areas are known to be much warmer, thus providing the perfect environment for these pests to grow.

But did you know that bed bugs do not transmit diseases? So, why did these pests make the list? Generally, bed bugs are known for how they bite. Apart from irritating your skin, some individuals may have an allergic reaction to their bite.

Once you are bitten by bed bugs, your normal reaction will be to scratch the bitten area in a bid to cool off the irritation. It’s a normal body response to do so. However, the irritation can last for quite some time, which will only be natural for you to increase the scratching intensity. This can lead to wounds and you can easily introduce germs to the wound unknowingly.

Additionally, since bed bugs tend to irritate the skin during the night, you stand at risk of developing mental health illnesses such as insomnia. This can easily lead to depression stress and even social isolation among many other mental diseases.


Rodents, such as mice, are less often perceived as a serious health hazard to many people. This is because many people see them as cute little creatures, and having them around the house has almost been a norm.

The bitter truth is that those hairy, beady-eyed small animals are known o carry with them over 35 diseases. These diseases can quickly spread to cause you harm in several ways such as contaminating food and water, bites, inhaling pathogens and many more.

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