How to do 1930s Hairstyles for Long Hair

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In the year 1930, the trendiest hairstyle was all about making waves. A good look attached with bobby pins and ringlets of the 1920s, women started to wear their hair more in a stylish way with some parts of their hair falling to the side or middle. At the starting of 1930, a short hairstyle became famous among men as well as women. We have listed how to do 1930s hairstyles.

As the year 1930 moved on, women started to choose for long hair. The length of the hair should reach the shoulder and also choosing to pin their hair instead of living it open. The spotlight also came on the bangs as women used to were short textiles at their front. We are a fan of these retro hairstyles, and we are sure you people also like it! So, let’s take a look.


The kind of wavy hairstyles which was the fashion of 1930s hairstyle also lived today, as many women were these hairstyles which have fewer waves as compared to the pasts. The fact is many guys of today’s generation their modern hairstyles and hair cuts are especially based on old fashion trends and styles which have been upgraded and placed back into today’s mainstream. But in the modern era, finger waves are easily seen at any formal event or any kind of red carpet occasion.


There are some 1930s hairstyles which are still famous among the women of today’s generation. If you are wondering how to do 1930s hair then check out these styles.

Here 10 unique 1930s hairstyles for women’s that are still trending:

  • 30s Long Hair Style: This 1930s long hairstyle are still glamorous for those who used to keep side-swept bangs and the bun pinned beautifully at the back.
  • 1930s Wedding Hair: This beautiful look is created out of curls and the rest of the hair can be decorated with flowers of your choice.
  • Updo Style: If you want to do this hairstyle keep a textile on one side and create beautiful curve waves. Use pins and spray your hair and then make a bun.
  • Curly 1930 Hairstyle: This hairstyle can be made using a laced hair cap because cap helps your curly hair come out and give an attractive shine.
  • Curly Pageboy: These types of haircuts are common nowadays because it provides you with a romantic look.
  • Short Layered Haircut: These kinds of bob hairstyles are very famous among today’s generation and the crazy for this particular hairstyle will never fall. Keep the length on one side and apply a hairband which will give you a cunning look.
  • 1930 Curly Medium Hair: Waves and curls are the most famous attraction among women. So, you can opt for a highlight and make an awesome cure along with a bobby pin.
  • 1930 Marcel Waved Hair: Marcel waves are never out of famous. It involves one or two waves and if you want to make it more attractive make a curl for side bin.
  • Wavy Hairstyle: These types of hairstyles provide you with a soft look. There are winglets and a side bun that are covered with curls.
  • Combed Back Ringlets: This hairstyle can give you an elegant look in the 1930s hairstyle. Using soft ringlets and backcombed of your hair.


Like the 1930s womens hairstyles, the men’s also had an attractive way to look beautiful in the year 1930. Provided are 5 unique and attractive 30s hairstyle of men:

  • The Fred Astaire Style: The layout of the hairstyle in unique and excellent too. The upper and right side of your hair is back brushed and the left part was combed down just to create a line between the upper right and the left side.
  • Elegant Men’s Hairstyle: This hairstyle is quite popular because it gives a decent look and the styling is very easily just back brushing of your hair.
  • Tom Hanks Haircut: This particular hairstyle gives you a vintage look. If you have curly hair just take Tom Hank cut and you will be more attractive than ever.
  • Tom Hardy Haircut: This kind of hairstyle had gone an undercut and then a gel is applied to maintain its position and also to acquire a classic look.
  • Clark Gable Style: Clarke Gable was a very famous actor and men are always used to copy his hairstyling sense. It was very simple and well placed with a backcombing. 

So, here are some of the fabulous hair-styling designs for men and women which very trendy and fashionable in 1930 as well as in today’s generation also. Go, try out some unique fashions of ancient times. 

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