6 Bed Bug Control Methods

Bed Bug Control Methods

Getting rid of bed bugs can be as difficult as it gets. Your chance of success can be hinged on a lot of factors such as the amount of clutter within your environment that can host the bed bugs, do you have neighbors with bed bug infestation, are the people that you share you environment with concerned and willing to handle the bed bug problem because their activities will affect your success in preventing or controlling bed bugs. It also takes a while, not a stipulated time to get rid of bed bugs from your environment. You need to persevere and be patient while using and applying control and preventive measures. The best solution for bed bugs is to hire a pest control company

There are tested and trusted bed bug control methods that work overtime, especially with consistency. The process of having a bed bug free environment after an infestation requires honest effort. The six best bed bug control methods you can adopt to attain a habitable environment include; bed bug extermination methods.

1. Environmental Changes

As normal as it sounds, vacuuming is an important part of bed bug control. The use of vacuum cleaners every day on areas in your environment that could be housing bed bugs will help reduce their number. After vacuuming, seal off the vacuum bag and dispose far of your environment. Repeat this process daily and you would have gotten closer to having fewer bed bugs in your home. The next thing to do would be to add mattress encasements. Mattress encasements protect your mattress from bed bugs as it is difficult for them to live on the encasements. You should also make sure to keep your bed or mattress away from other mattresses, the wall, and even the floor. Allow the bed to be on its own. Keep your room free of clutter by removing materials that you do not need or use. It is very important that you take care of your clothes by not keeping them on the floor and carelessly so bed bugs do not start habiting in them. You should remove and isolate anything that has come in contact with the bed bugs.

You need to make certain environmental changes if you want to control and prevent bed bugs in your environment.

2. Use of non-chemical methods

There are certain items you cannot just toss into the washing machine and hang out to dry. When such items are to be cleaned out for bed bugs, the best option is to make use of a steamer or any other appliance that can heat the infested item. It is not enough to just raise the room temperature of the home as it is not direct enough to harm the bed bugs instead opt for a more direct heat specific places and on particular items.

Wash the bed linens and covers regularly and you can iron it before use or you can dry it under the sun for the same effect. Use a steamer on your furniture since it cannot be thrown into the washing machine. Other items that have been infested too much should be gotten rid of.

Another non-chemical method that is effective is the use of very low temperatures. Bed bugs cannot survive in very low temperature as they cannot survive in direct high temperature too. So this means that you can put certain infested materials in the freezer to kill bed bugs.

3. Physical inspection and monitoring

After applying certain bed bug control methods, it is important that you see for yourself physically if it worked and you can confirm this by checking your furniture and mattress visually for bed bugs. Wear a hand glove and check for it just to be sure. You can also adopt the use of interceptors on your bed and furniture especially on the foot. It is essential to check these interceptors weekly.

4. Apply insecticide

There are different insecticides that are environmentally friendly and will still kill be bugs when used. One of such pesticides is the Diatomaceous Earth. The diatomaceous earth or DE is an organic white powdery substance that kills most insects. The key is to place them at strategic points in your home where the bed bugs must crawl through. If you follow the instructions in applying the DE, you may reduce the significantly the number of bed bugs in your environment. It is easy to think that DE is magical but it is not. It can take weeks to actually totally kill most the bed bugs but it is very effective.

5. Use of professionals

You can employ the services of pest control professionals to handle your bed bug problem. They will make use of industrial equipment that will kill a larger number of the bed bugs and in the long run eradicate it totally. They can use heat chambers and other temperature control methods, it is also normal for professional to use industrial pesticides. It will take quite some time and money but the best bet is to use professional pest control to control the presence of bed bugs in your environment.

6.  Evaluate and monitor

Do not stop the practices that helped you eradicate or control bed bugs immediately you feel their absence. The number may have only just reduced and they only need a little time for them to breed exponentially. Keep washing your bed linens and covers as regularly as possible and always keep and check the interceptors on the bed foot, the furniture, and other places. You should check physically for bed bugs as much as possible.  

The total bed bug control method insists that you evaluate what the bed bug situation used to be and what it has become after adopting certain methods. Keeping records and checking at intervals will help you know what methods were most effective and where they worked the most. You need all this information for further bed bug control. It could take time and effort but if you must have a bed bug free environment then you must do the work and be patient for results.

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