Why online education is effective for professionals?

Across the Globe Universities, these days are embracing online education to innovate and extend traditional campus-based education. It indeed is the requirement of today’s generation. The value that online education brings in to Universities and higher education lies in the contribution to scale, top global access, and to the transformation of learning objectives, practices, and outcomes.

Indian Universities as we know continue rapid growth and transformation. The India Student boom will see a record number of Graduates enter the domestic workforce in a country that now has more Universities and Students than any other. As a result, Indian Universities continue to scale and scope upwards to cater to a wide variety of students with differing levels of educational qualifications and attainment.

The online education market in India is expected to post a CAGR of nearly20% during the period 2019-2022, according to the latest market research report by Technavio. The growing preference towards e-learning among the prospective learners in the Country / Globe is providing significant growth opportunities for market players too. The increased penetration of the Internet and other learning devices combined with an affordable and quality education from the best Universities at the comfort of one’s home are few key factors driving the growth of online education not just in India but across the World.

The Indian Government has also taken many initiatives such as the National Digital Library and the National Academic Repository to encourage the growth of e-learning in India. It is expected to scale greater heights in the time to come.

Certain key advantages of online education Vs Traditional Classroom Learning amongst many others that I would like to summarize are:

1) Flexibility, allowing one to study anywhere anytime
2) Affordability, best in class education at an affordable pricing
3) Increased Instructor – Student Time
4) Self Paced Learning, Learners studying at their own convenience thus striking a perfect balance between their Personal & professional lives.
5) Access to expert and quality education at the comfort of one’s own home/office etc.
6) Diversity, Students from across the globe pursuing a course from a specific University.

Owing to the steady economic growth and globalization, education in India is no longer just a teacher talking to a bunch of students in a traditional classroom. With more than 370 million internet users and hundreds of local as well as global business tycoons willing to invest in the future of education, online education in India has picked up the pace. In fact, the e-learning market in the country is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion as per reports.

As on date, India is now the third-largest online market for education in the world. This enables people to take better advantage of the resources available online. We have more than 1 million registered schools and 18,000 higher education institutions in our Country. Out of our total population, 90 percent don’t complete secondary school and only 10 percent go on to college. In such a scenario, online education helps people get access to a world-class learning experience when traditional higher education is simply not possible due to financial or personal constraints. For these learners, online courses, specializations, and degree programs can offer an incredible opportunity to continue their education and build careers for themselves. These days, employers too look for more than just the basic skill set in their employees, they look for a long-term relationship with the organization. Often, appraisals and promotions these days are awarded on the basis of reskilling. Online education plays a major role in filling in this gap.

Few reasons for one to pursue an MBA Degree:

High Salary Potential
Better Career Opportunities, MBAs are great for a career change and thriving business opportunities
Ideal for Networking as there are Students from across the Globe that we get to interact with.
Enhances the horizon of Knowledge / Communication skills & Advanced as well as Flexible Management skills Specializations in specific domains like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, etc gives one an edge over the others in the Industry Helps one think BIG and work towards becoming his/ her own Boss by being an Entrepreneur.

An MBA is just not another Qualification but a Brand in itself. It’s a tag that acts as a catalyst for one to climb the ladder of growth and success in the Corporate World!

Author Bio: – I am a practiced content developer and marketer, I have the experience to develop content for a range of business domains and currently I am composing content for an India based educational agency name is University18 that deals with distance learning or E-learning programs.

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