Best Innovative Business Ideas in India 2021

innovative business ideas in india

Growing business step by step is a tough job but once it’s settled it can reach a level. Thinking about the future is important and trying to grow more is necessary. As all of us know Covid-19 has almost disturbed the economic growth of India in 2020, half of the companies are suffering from great loss and it has almost ruined the business fields this year. It’s high time that you must think upon some future business ideas which will definitely help you for the up-coming years. Many of us also may have made future business plans 2020 which couldn’t be executed due to this pandemic situation but it’s not too late to think upon future business ideas 2021.

Small Business ideas in India

Investing a huge amount for business is not possible for all thinking on this fact I got you some small business ideas in India which needs no investment also some are home based such as Blogging, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Online tutor, Make-up Artist, You-Tube content creator, Online Bakery, Freelance Writer, Logo Designer etc. these small business can be the most profitable business in India as you don’t have to invest much and some ideas given are also home-based there is no matter of travelling even which is a big deal these days.

India’s Business Landscape

Business in India is extremely difficult due to the Bureaucracy and ambiguous laws so we need to be very careful while choosing the up-coming business ideas in India.  Business landscapes in India are prepared to grow in many areas due to various factors like international trade, government stimulus and in all growing a strong developing business company.

Technology and young youth is growing more which seeks to drive better innovative business ideas in India. So I’m going to discuss some great business ideas which will help you to get a minimum success in less time.

Best Business Ideas For The Upcoming Year


Social impact has become priority these days in India as consumers have grown intelligent, they are not dumb they know what they consume effects both them and earth. This particular business involves various groups of investors funding money to invest them for social purposes which creates a positive effect on earth as well. This is the most innovative business idea in India also has huge profit, as it is in demand for social impact better than those business ideas which can only make money and keep people high with no sophistication and dignity.



India has a large population and also has a larger number of residents, many of them generate their own power to save money. This particular business needs some investment but surely is a profitable business idea in India because it’s cheap and easy. You need to buy solar setup equipment for the people in order to install them on roofs or balconies.

The solar setup could feed the main battery to provide additional power. At first to execute your business you need to find some people who are interested in this service and pay you some advance before the work so you could buy solar panels which creates a low investment for the initial cases.


Previously you have known about solar panels installation, this led to a new business idea to develop generators that can store more power for a small number of people or communities. This is the best business idea in India at present as power cuts have increased in many towns and cities in India and power cut survivals really aren’t easy. For this you need to approach cities, towns and the community of people who need them the most. This also can help factories who need energy consistently for working on goods with machinery help.


Technology is increasing day by day and there is a craze of better and stronger internet all over India. There are huge numbers of provider existing but not in the rural parts of India, this is the best business idea in India for rural parts where they face issues with connectivity of internet all thought this is not at all a low cost business idea but it’s going create a great and positive impact on people and its profitable to make more money.



E-commerce grows at a substantial pace and mainly used due to the access of cheap goods and labours also ship internationally and mainly relates to the selling of cultural goods in India. This is an innovative business idea in India to set up your business all over the world as many of us love to have authentic pieces of art for their home decorations that also represents our culture. E-commerce stores are perfect to fulfil such needs. You can start with a low cost and also have street vendors as your partners.


E-commerce will always be on trend warehouse companies will manage to provide the needs for the e-commerce stores instead of e-commerce which set up their own distribution lines, buying trucks and warehouses to store goods, this particular business company will do all for them. It is a profitable business idea in India if you can invest in it, buying land to hold the goods and then sending them with the help of shipping companies. It can make huge money in a short time from holding people’s goods in a warehouse. You can charge for each shipment this business idea in India would also help to spread in other countries on a larger scale with huge money.


In India, many delivery and shipping companies face difficulties and issues delivering services to rural parts because the roads are not developed enough or it’s too far from everything. With this business idea you can deliver goods last mile and set up a warehouse on the edge of city limits. Once the shipping companies reach there you can easily handle miles of final trip.

For this you need to invest in buying trucks and scooters to deliver goods for the last miles, basically the place where shipping companies are not willing to go. This business idea in India helps the rural parts to get more services.


mobile wallet payment

Smartphones are in huge use these days and it has made our life easy and smart. This is one of the best upcoming business ideas in India in 2021 as people are more comfortable using cash than other payment methods and so mobile payment methods are extremely growing at present. Carrying a huge amount of cash is always a risk and mobile payments make them more easy and risk-free. This would require a start-up capital, programmers and coders would make access to this business making it a bit low cost and reasonable.


E-commerce businesses are one of the best business ideas in India, it has blown up the market with positivity influencing people in India. It also has some compliance and regulations which need to be followed. This company will provide the solutions other e-commerce companies operate legally. As I have mentioned before we need to be careful due to the government as it keeps looking for new laws in the business fields, this future business idea in India will help the upcoming and present entrepreneurs navigate the field of compliance and regulations. This wouldn’t need much investment but only your knowledge in the industrial field.


Block-chain is a growing technology these days and will become an essential part of business idea in India. This government has also set-up funds for the development of technologies for the upcoming business ideas like this. The block-chain tracking bank ledger will allow e-commerce store owners to track their payments, verify they are secure and able to get money faster. Cash on delivery systems create a large cash flow problem for stores which can be solved using this particular idea.


The Indian government always supports development and innovations which are happening internet technology. This business idea is perfect for the start-up services in this field. You will work with developers or homeowners to renovate their living space according to their needs and taste turning their home into a smart home. It doesn’t need a huge investment as parts of loT are cheap.


TV is always a popular time-pass where you enjoy your favourite shows, with this popularity comes a great which is also a profitable business idea in India as TV is popular here. This business involves creating and managing TV ads, you have to create ads for companies which will be shown on the TV. You can work with companies who are already working on this or approach the competitors who don’t have ads on TV and now they can be your client. You need to invest a bit which involves studio space, green screens, cameras and lighting to create the ideas as per you need but I can say TVs are the best options for great business.


The usage of mobile phones in India is different than that of other countries. Smartphones usage is high and is growing more which can also be a business opportunity to develop mobile ad companies. This business idea involves creating mobile ads for companies so you can reach customers more effectively than other ideas like print media. You just need to have some good marketing skills and that’s enough no more investment needed.



Biometric sensors scan eyes and fingers to identify individuals. Security measures are growing day by day and Indian government also supports this kind of technology and it’s not too late when we will be using biometric sensors in everything for higher security reasons. It is one of the best business ideas in India including developing and selling biometric sensors to the companies that would install them to products and services. You need to have a little investment to manufacture the sensors. Highly multinational companies would also seek to do business as they have higher use of biometric sensors and are great for money making.


DDOS attacks are those traffics sent by the hackers to crash the websites these are a huge threat to the business websites in India. The rise of the internet is all over the country therefore more hackers will be targeting the growing companies. This business idea involves creating a company which can identify DDOS attacks and helps prevent them. It is a profitable business idea in India today where you can get plenty of options for making money. This needs a server space, software and coding to create DDOS-security company and the creator can charge a lot of money for this particular service as the business website faces a great loss if their website goes down.



It is perhaps a small business idea in India which can be performed home- based too. There is a great importance to create websites for small businesses which are best for the stores. You need to hire web designers for this or it would be much better if you are good at this skill and you just need to approach the local business in your city for helping them grow their store.


Smartphones and bandwidths of the internet are in a higher use. People generally seek to grow their website into an app as mobile applications. This isn’t  easy like it sounds so this business idea in India would make business more easy for the owners. If you have a knowledge of coding then it will not take any investment but if you are higher you need to pay charges. But as there are a number of coders and programmers available it would not be so tough for you to find a partner who may invest with you for the same interest.


The government of India is spending a lot of time and money in order to improve internet access all over the world. This involves growth of providing WIFI service more and this can be a better upcoming business idea in India as it has huge benefits, it makes phones faster and demand for internet facility everywhere. This also needs a low investment as purchasing supplies in installation of WIFI routers are cheap. This business can be a great profit if you approach the mall owners for malls or the areas where there are huge numbers of foot traffic to install WIFI hotspots. Once it’s installed you can open the access for the people to use for free so that you could sell data out of that. You can apply for a particular subscription or per minute usage.


IT as a service company provides the server and hardware space that other companies outsource. This business idea is very popular because their highly IT professionals handle managing hardware and equipment. You need to have few servers, computers, and pieces of technology to outsource your early customers as it gets settled and you grow more you can provide more supplies. This is also a profitable business idea in India as of the cheap equipment that is acquired to use in IT companies.


Export and import businesses are growing day by day to assist this particular growth. You can start a company that helps other companies of India expand their business all over the world taking the help of your expert advice and knowledge about shipping and trading products worldwide. This is one of the best business ideas in India which is growing more popular. One more approach for this business idea can be to help trading with the other countries in India, it’s a money making business and needs low investment in a short period of time with good knowledge of international trade.


A time will arrive when multiple doctors from different locations access medical records of an individual. For example one patient may visit a doctor and then switch due to some problems to some other doctor. This creates a hassle of medical files from the previous one to the new one. Now in this business the company sets up the medical records that could be securely shared between registered doctors. The best thing is both patient and doctor would be able to see who lastly had accessed the file. As you know, block-chain technology is new to the market and there is a massive number of company records that would take time for sizable investment to create and this needs a big investment but is a good idea for the upcoming business idea in India. 

Hope this will help you for the future business ideas in India for 2021. And you try to build more success in the upcoming year.

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