What Are The Important Steps Involved In Tree Removal Process?

You should always hire a professional tree removal service provider for the safe removal of a dead tree. If the tree is very large and near to your house, then never take a risk and call renowned professionals only.

The homeowners can try to remove small trees, but it is still recommended to hire professionals only such as Sydney tree removals service providers.

For safe tree removal process, optimum tools, equipment, and right knowledge are also required. Even a small mistake can lead to a major accident. It is very important to be aware of the steps that are involved in the cutting process.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various important steps that are involved in the tree removal process: 

Important Steps Involved In Tree Removal Process 

When you have found out a tree is dying or infested by pests, diseases or any other risk, then you should immediately call an arborist who can inspect the tree. He will find that is there any chance to protect this tree. Tree removal should be the last option when no other technique can work.

Here, in this article, we will discuss all important steps that should be followed while tree removal:  

1. Clear Surrounding Area

First of all, it is required to clear the area around the tree before it falls flat on the ground. It will ensure that there will be no injury or damage occur after tree falling. You can estimate the free area by measuring the height of the tree.

You should remove everything possible from the surrounding of the tree to avoid any loss or damage. This is a very important step before starting the tree removal process. 

2. Inspect This Tree 

You should find out that in which direction this tree is falling naturally. It will help in determining the right direction where it should fall. But, it is also important to observe various other decayed portions. The other decayed portion may lead to sudden collapse and falling of a tree in an unintended direction. 

3. Choose One Or Two Escape Routes 

There is a probability that a tree may start falling in a direction that is not intended and goes out of control. In this situation, you should clear a path to run away and protect your life.

You should make sure all the regions around the tree are clear and prepared for the unintended situation. You should find at least one or two routes for quick escapes. These two routes are important for your safety in unexpected situations. 

4. Collect Necessary Tools & Equipment 

Tree removal is a difficult process and involves great risk. Therefore, it is important to use the right tools and equipment. You should first find out what are the necessary tools and equipment required for tree removal.

Well, it also depends on the size of the tree. If the size of the tree is very small, then you can cut it down with a handsaw. But, the large size trees with big trunk diameter require a special chainsaw. It is better to call a tree removal professional.  

5. Start With Undercut 

You may have cleared the whole are and you may have an idea in which direction the tree will fall. But, you should always start from a V-shape cut at the bottom of the tree. It should be at a 45-degree angle.

The cut should be made on the bottom of that side in which direction you want to fall the tree. Make sure that this cut should be deep enough i.e. approximately a quarter of tree diameter. 

6. Create A Back Cut

You should go to the opposite direction of the tree and then make a cut that is about two inches above to the undercut. This is known as a back cut. The back cut will help in releasing the stress of the entire tree on the tree trunk. 

7. Move Out Of Falling Path

After making a back out cut you should move out and start shouting “Timber” to give warning other people in its surrounding so that they get to know that trees are falling. This is necessary to avoid any unwanted accidents. 

Things To Do After a Tree Removal

Once the tree falls on the ground, then you can easily cut down its branches. It is important to remove the branches for easier dispose of. It is also possible to cut down the entire tree in firewood. This will be free firewood so do not miss the chance.

After removing branches, you should cut the log into small pieces. The small pieces of wood can also be used for mulching purposes. The mulch help in retaining the moisture level in the plant roots and also used for decoration purpose. 

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