According to a research, 70% of businesses fail to see their fifth birthday. It is quite hard to gulp down but it is a fact. There are so many reasons behind failure but the major one is “UNIQUENESS”. Sometimes people come with a unique idea but they do not have the proper planning. 

One old man said that “when you commence a business, go for the lowest hanging fruit”. It points that choose the way where initially you have to make less effort. Like this many business idea exists and if you are looking for one, then we have talked about the unique with less investment business “TISSUE PAPER START-UP”

You will be surprised to know the consumption of tissue paper in the UK. 

Year Consumption of Tissue Paper (Metric Tons)
  2015 2016 2019 2018     1092 1104 2012 2916  

The above-mentioned stats are only for the recycled/chlorine-bleached, moist and perfumed ones. The demand for the standard is much higher as compare to others. 

It clearly points out that tissue making business is a perfect business to start. Initially, you have to start at a smaller scale, so the requirement is very less. 

There are a few types of equipment that you have to borrow or purchase and it depends on the type of business. You can start Toilet tissue paper, facial tissue paper, Tissue napkins, and paper towels. 

Once you choose the niche, now let’s have a look at how you can start this business and generate the profit. 

Things Take Care during Tissue Paper Making Business 

One thing, that you should remember that this business is totally based on the raw material. 

Must have sufficient place

These types of business require at least 400-500 sq ft room. If you already have a small space in your house, then it would be good or you can select a room on rent. 

While choosing the room make sure you consider the water, drainage and electricity supply. These are the three basic requirements of the tissue making process. It would be better if you choose the location from where you can easily access the material. 

Basic Raw product for this business

Before you choose the location and then product make sure you have taken permission from the government. Now, let’s talk about raw materials. It does not include a large number of materials; all you need is mentioned below:

  • Core paper 
  • Jumbo Reels 
  • Wrapping Paper 
  • Glue 
  • Cello phone 

These are low-cost material that you can access anywhere. Do not purchase in bulk, try with less and check the response. 


Generally, the size of the machinery depends on the investment and the product’s demand. Still, we have mentioned the basic ones below:

  • Cutting appliance 
  • Core making apparatus 
  • Embossing unit 
  • Winding engine
  • Band saw harvester 

Now, let’s have a look at the ways through which you can generate fast revenue. 

Methods to promote the product fast 

Tissue paper consumption is rising year by year and not only in the UK but in other countries too. Once you settled at ground level, then you can sell outside the county too. 

The best way to do it is “MAKE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE”. No doubt, internet users are growing every day, and it is the reason they prefer to buy every product from clothes to grocery online. 

To promote the product you have to use digital marketing techniques to reach your product to the users. It requires a proper team to manage the online customers and website. 

Purchasing equipment, raw materials and hire new people may introduce additional expense. You can bear the cost either with savings or cut the expenses. 

The best part of this business is that jobless people can also pursue it. If you need money to fulfil the cost, then payday loans for Unemployed people may be the best options. It would better if you approach direct lendersbecause they may offer you some additional benefits like low-interest rate. With the borrowed money you can manage the expenses to some extent. 

This is how you can start a tissue paper making business. And you must have noticed that it does not require a hefty amount to start. You can initiate it at a lower intensity and then with proper techniques you can take it to the next level. 

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