Tips to Choose the Right ISP Plan

Choosing the right ISP plan is as crucial as selecting the right mobile phone for yourself. Because a wrong decision can cost you your peace. The prominence of a company in the field is not the only factor that you have to look at while deciding the right plan.

You have to consider so many other factors as well so take your time – I took a month before deciding on Spectrum bundle deals. But before you chooseone, you must know what type you want.

Different Types of Internet Services

Before you select any plan for yourself, you should know the type of Internet service that you want to opt for. Many of you won’t be familiar with the types. Here is a list of the four different types of Internet services:

  • DSL- This type of Internet service operates over regular telephone lines. It is capable of delivering download speeds as fast as 25 Mbps. The advantage of opting for this service is the cheap cost that it comes at. However, the speed tends to get slow that farther your house is from the central office.
  • Cable broadband- Your cable provider offers this type of Internet service. The download speeds on cable broadband can range between 3 Mbps and 100 Mbps.
  • Satellite- This particular kind uses satellite to beam the signals towards the dishes installed at subscribers’ homes. However, it is slower than other options available apart from being expensive.
  • FiOS- Operating over an optical network, this Internet service is the most recent introduction. It offers the highest speed when compared to other ISPs. However, it is available in a few areas.

Having read about the various types, you are now more equipped with the knowledge of Internet services. It will aid you in making a better decision.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an ISP

Look for Internet Providers in Your Area

You should know what all is available in your area. Because you can only choose from the companies that are offering their services in your area. Coverage areas vary from provider to provider. Moreover, the plans and also vary according to your area.

Therefore, visit the website of the Internet service providers you have in mind to see if they offer services in your area. And if so, look for the plans and prices that they offer in your area.

Comparison between the Plans and Prices

Once you shortlist all the ISPs that offer the services in your area, you need to make comparisons. These comparisons should be made based on plans, prices of the available plans and the speeds. Use the zip finder option on the website of the shortlisted ISPs to look for the exact plans and their prices in your region.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you should also have a look at the equipment and installation costs. Apart from that, compare every ISP based on customer satisfaction and overage fees as well.

Know Your Speed Needs

Before you opt for a plan impressed by the speed that it offers, you should be aware of your speed needs. Because no matter how well-reputed the company is and how fast the Internet service that it offers is, if it does not meet your requirements, it will be of no use. Consider the following while estimating the speed that will be sufficient for your needs:

  • The frequency with which you stream HD videos
  • Number of people who stream at any given time
  • Number of smart home devices connected to the Internet

Answering these will help you decide the speed that will work the best for you.

Testing Your Current Internet Speed

Before you opt for a certain speed, test the sped of your existing connection and see how much is it able to meet your needs. If you think that the speed is satisfactory, you can opt for the same speed. And if not, decide which one will be the best option for you.

Add-Ons and Special Features

Beware of the extra features and add-ons that the ISPs might mention to attract you into opting for them. While these features may look fancy, you are not likely to use many of them. For example, you will never use a personal webpage or an ISP-branded email address. Do not let the list of features fool you into paying more than you actually should.

Terms of Service

DO NOT ignore the terms of service is mentioned in your contract before you sign up for a plan. Also, be aware of the limitations if there are any in terms of service.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, consider the customer service of the ISP as well. Talking from my personal experience, customer service matters. Whenever I call the Spectrum support, I havemy issue resolved in a matter of minutes. The efficiency of the customer service reps at Spectrum is commendable.

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