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The Cost Of Developing An App Like Go-Jek

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“We live in a world of on-demand services. The availability of apps for utilities ensures that we can get the service we want in a time and place of our convenience. This transformation has also impacted a lot of businesses positively. It ensures that they provide their services only at places where there’s an absolute demand. The growth of these businesses that thrive in the on-demand ecosystem can only be attributed to the proportional growth of mobile applications.It has become rather mandatory for a business to have mobile apps. Mobile apps have become a part of availing utilities in our day to day lives.. We have apps for transportation, apps for food ordering, apps for household services, and best apps for dating. However, in most cases, we have specific apps for specific utilities.This presents a subtle challenge to the users and businesses alike. The users have to download multiple apps for availing different utilities. This also means that, they might have to remember those many login credentials and it also takes up quite a lot of space for their mobile devices.What if there was a single app that offered all utilities under a single umbrella? There are apps like WeChat and Go-Jek that have cracked this challenge effectively. Under a single app, these applications provide multiple services like transportation, food delivery, home services, beauty and wellness services, payment services and even fuel delivery. These apps are fittingly called super apps.

In detail about Go-Jek

Go-Jek is a South East Asian unicorn hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded as a small and simple call center intended to deliver courier services and two wheeler taxi services to the people in Jakarta. Today, Go-Jek offers more than 20 different services and it operates in multiple countries in the vicinity. Their presence is not just confined to Indonesia but has expanded into Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. The app has partnered with more than 1 million drivers, 125,000 service providers who offer more than 30,000 different services.Specifically in Indonesia, , they are spread in over 50 cities.

A few of Go-Jek’s services

  • Their transportation services include GoRide,GoCar and GoBluebird.
  • GoFood is their food delivery wing.
  • GoShop and GoMed deliver grocery and pharmacy.
  • GoBox and GoSend offer logistical services.
  • GoTix helps you skip the hassle of queues through online ticketing.
  • You can pay utility bills with GoBills.
  • All the financial transactions are handled by GoPay. It also integrates with all the apps, and can even help send money to others.
  • GoMassage and GoGlam offer massage and beauty services. 
  • All these life-utilities are available under an app called GoLife.
  • It might not be an exaggeration to say that people might even open the Go-Jek app to figure out what they want rather than having a need in mind and then opening the Go-Jek app.

The advantages of an app like Go-Jek

Unless there’s a marked advantage, people might not change their habits of sticking to one app for every utility. App like goJek bring quite a lot of advantages.Since there are multiple players aiming for a single customer who wants a particular service, the competition is high. This intense competition translates into competitive rates. This ensures that the user gets their service at the most optimal cost.
Users will not have to shift through multiple apps. Since they get all utilities under a single app, they do not even have to remember multiple logins or authorize access to their social media accounts from multiple apps. This also restricts the breach of security of personal information.It is to be noted that introducing new services is not a big hurdle. They are not starting from scratch with zero customers. They are starting at an elevation where they have the advantage of a massive base of pre-existing customers. What used to be a matter of intense marketing effort has not become a matter of a simple app upgrade. In a flash, businesses are able to open up to a huge volume of users.
A lot of micro-businesses understand the advantage that super apps bring. Therefore, instead of creating their own massive app ecosystem, they start creating micro apps that will integrate into the existing super app ecosystem. This ensures that the micro apps get their profits quite quickly and the super app does not need to put a continuous effort in developing new utilities. This creates a win-win situation for both the small company and the large app, in addition to giving a great advantage to the user by bringing in one extra utility inside the super app.The intensity and the quality of data gathered by super apps become more valuable as it does not contain a single parameter alone. For example, if a person avails only luxury transportation and demands the best masseurs irrespective of cost, it is a clear indication that this person is a high-value customer. This data can be used for effective advertising. Although normal applications might give similar data, there are chances that some activities are one-off. Super apps ensure that an attribute gathered from a single utility is validated by the person’s activities on the other utilities as well.
Super apps provide flexibility in payment. In most cases, it is observed that super apps had a native payment system. This ensures that all the services can have the payments made using the integrated payment system. In case of refunds, it becomes easier to issue credits. Even if not for that service, a user might use the same credits for availing another service.The driver or the service utility provider also gets a few advantages. There are instances where a single utility might find its relevance across multiple apps. For example, a bike taxi can not only be used for transportation but also for food delivery and package pick up. This means that the service provider is likely to get more business from super apps.

How much does it cost to create an app like Go-Jek?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost that goes into developing. You will have to finalize all the operating systems for you to build the app. In most cases, Some companies resort to developing their app on React Native.
You will need to figure out the features and functionalities of your app. Putting together all the features in place requires an intense amount of coding. The code needs to be garnished with an interactive and intuitive user interface. The app also needs to be future-ready to accommodate technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.
The cost associated with creating the app is directly proportional to all the factors discussed above. However, one of the easiest options that can be considered both cost and time effective is customizing white label clones of Go-Jek. These GoJek clone script bring all the basic features of the GoJek clone app. They are highly customizable and modular enough to accommodate the features and the brand language that matches your preferences,so it appears like your own creation in every way! “

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