Do washer repair service providers visit on weekends?

Did your washer stop working on a weekend? Are any repair technicians available within your vicinity? Commonly, your washer stops functioning at the most needed time, and you can’t help calling a repair technician to fix it. There are different kinds of problems ranging from water not draining from the machine to water seepage on your floor. Some of the minor problems we can take care, while some others may require the service of a professional to make the washer work again. Some repair service providers work on weekends. You can call to get an appointment instead of waiting till Monday morning to get the problem solved.

What are the most common washer problems that require a professional to fix it?

1. The Washer is not turning on: 

You may have switched on the washer, but it doesn’t work. First of all, you have to check the electrical panel to ensure whether there is a power supply. If there is no power supply, call an electrician.

On the flip side, if there is adequate power supply too. But it refuses to start. Call a qualified washer technician to troubleshoot the issue.

If the motor doesn’t work for some time, you can safely assume that it is overheated and wait for a while. It will start working when the motor cools down. If it happens very frequently, you may have to call a washer technician to look into the erring washer.

You may also carefully check whether the lid is properly closed. If the lid is not closed, the lid switch will get activated, and the washer will not work. Keep the lid of the washer closed while the machine is switched on. If nothing works, call a washer repair service technician right away!

2. Washer doesn’t drain properly: 

If there is a block in the hosepipe that drains the water out, you need to immediately contact a technician. You should not waste even a moment. The earlier, the better. Otherwise, you can soon see water all over the floor. If the hose pipe has one or two clogs, you can use a garden hose pipe or even your hand to remove the blocks. If nothing works, think of replacing the water pump to fix this problem.

3. Drain pump: 

If you suspect any problem with the drain pump, stop the machine and check the pump. If there is any blockage in the hose due to some foreign materials, take the motor out. Remove the blockage and replace the hose. It will work perfectly. Some other problems may be due to damage in the pump belt or a broken pulley.

4. The machine doesn’t spin: 

There are many reasons for this problem. First of all, the machine may be overloaded with too many clothes. If you stuff in more than its capacity, the washer will not work. Sometimes, the drainage pump may have some trouble due to which the machine doesn’t start working even when you turn it on. In spite of your repeated efforts, if you are not able to find out what might have caused a problem, washer repair technicians can come to your rescue.

5. Washer doesn’t get rid of detergent:

You may need to clean the dispenser using lukewarm water every month. Otherwise, there will be a problem dispensing detergent, which may lead to machine damage.

There might be a problem if you are using a liquid bleach to wash the clothes instead of powder bleach for which the washer may be designed, there is going to be a problem with your washer.

Tips for washer maintenance:

1. Use the detergent, or bleach only within limits. For this, you can refer to the product manual. It will prolong the life of your machine.

2. Remove the hosepipe of the drainer and clean it at regular intervals.

3. If the water gets clogged up, take out the drainer and drain it manually. If the water remains in the drainer for a long time, the detergent, bleach in the clogged water may damage the drainer very soon.

4. Proper maintenance of the washer is required to extend the life of the machine. For that, you have to wipe the washer completely every day.

ConclusionIn short, when your washer stops working, grab your phone and fix an appointment with a certified washer repair technician near your home. Except for a few things which you can fix yourself, it is always wise to call a trained technician to help you fix your washer problem. All you have to do is to fix an appointment with a repair technician who will appear within 2 to 3 hours after receiving the call. These washer repair service providers visit on weekends too as you can’t wait for a long time waiting to wash your clothes. You can also log into the website of the service providers if you hear a prolonged busy signal on the phone. Usually, these repair technicians carry all the spare parts with them and fix washer problems very easy.

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