Most Universally Flattering Shape of Nail: Squoval Shaped Nails

squoval shaped nails

To give the nails of your fingers a perfect look, only nail art with intricate designs and high-pigmented nail polishes are not enough. Nails are the canvas where sparkling glitters and stark matte nail polish sit on. So eventually, the shape of the nail also matters a lot and needs extra attention. It is always a golden opportunity and a treat to your nails when you are going to a nail salon. Meanwhile, one of the most important things is that you need to decide which shape to put on your nails to make your nails look classy. There are more different shapes of nail in the world than you have fingers. It is very hard to decide which shape to try on your nails to make it look elegant and beautiful.

Here are 12 different shapes of nails which can be curved on your finger:

  1. Square shaped nails   2.  Round shaped nails   3. Squoval shaped nails   4. Oval shaped nails   5. Almond shaped nails   6. Stiletto shaped nails   7. Ballerina shaped nails   8. Lipstick shaped nails   9. Flare shaped nails   10. Edge shaped nails   11. Arrowhead shaped nails   12. Mountain shaped peak nails.

We have many choices when it comes to shaping your nails but the most universally flattering shape of the nail is Squoval shape.

Squoval nails:

One of the best nail’s shapes is Squoval shaped nails. It has a combination of the softness of an oval-shaped nail and the neatness of a square-shaped nail. Squoval shaped nails are delicate, classic, and well suited to most people. This type of shape can be easily done at home and suits both dark as well as light-colored nail polishes. Squoval nails look good on short as well as long fingers. This style is the combination of the contouring of square-shaped nails with the length of oval-shaped nails. If you are into the flat edges of square-shaped nails but you hate sharp corners of the nails, it’s perfect to go with Squoval nails.

How to curve a Squoval shaped nails on your fingers:

 Whether your nails are long or short, Squoval shaped nails will suit your fingers which means that, if you start with the shorter nail, Squoval nails will grow out nicely.

Tools required –

  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file (it is advised to keep the nail file to 240 grit; this will keep the nails of your fingers gentle and soft.)

Filing your nails into a Squoval shape:

  • Use your nail clippers to cut your nails to give it a basic shape.
  • You can cut your nails to the length you want.
  • You need to curve your nail into a square. So, cut your nails straight across and use the file to remove the sharpness by rounding the corners slightly.
  • Try using long strokes and filing in a seesaw motion should be avoided.
  • Depending on your preference, you can use your file to move the shape of your nails along the scale of oval or square.

So now your Squoval shaped nails are ready to be painted with stark matt and sparkling glitters nail polishes with high-pigmented and intricate designs.

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