How to Dress for Your Body Type

dressing for your body shape

If you are trying to find the right outfit to wear to your friend’s wedding, or you are trying to impress a certain gentleman with whom you are going on a first date with, or you are simply trying to find clothes that accentuate your most admirable features while hiding those that are not very flattering, you should consider several simple facts.

Women’s clothing is chosen according to body type. Trying to wear a smaller or larger size than your body will not look attractive. It is important, before embarking on buying that cocktail dress, to consider your body type.

Women’s bodies fall under 4 basic body types that correspond to certain shapes.
  • You may be a circle, meaning that you are thicker around the middle
  • You may be a triangle, meaning that you are larger at the bottom
  • You may be an hourglass, making you curvy and evenly proportional
  • You may be a rectangle, meaning that you are straight from top to bottom
You need to find the clothes that flatter your unique shape as there is no bad or good shape.

You are a triangle body shape

The trick to dressing this body shape is to balance the upper with the lower body. You should

  • Wear clothes that add to your bust and shoulders.
  • Avoid wearing tights or pants that are narrow around your legs
  • Wear pants that are flared and have heels
  • Wear a bra that enhances your bust

You are a circle body shape

The trick to dressing this body shape is drawing attention away from the midriff. You should

  • Wearing dresses, blouses, or shirts with a slight V-neck
  • Wear long sleeves to draw attention to your neck and bust
  • Wear pants that are flared rather than straight-leg or tights
  • Avoid belts and dresses that make your waist look slim

You are an hourglass body shape

You have curves that are admirable. Ensure that you:

  • Avoid clothes that make you look like a box
  • Make your waist your focal point and wear snug outfits and accessories around the parts that are thinnest. Wear dresses and belts that pinch your waist
  • Wear a supportive bra to avoid making your chest look saggy and droopy
  • Wear tops and dresses with V-necks

You are a rectangle body shape

The trick to dressing for this body shape is to break up your thin profile by adding some curves, especially around the waist

  • Wear dresses with belts that pinch you around your waist
  • Wear clothes with frills and ruffles to add femininity to your shape
  • Avoid menswear
  • Wear bright tights and miniskirts to draw attention to your legs
  • Use shapewear to add to the areas you want flattered

Women’s clothing comes in all shapes and sizes depending on your body type. Do not be influenced by what others are wearing as they may have a very different set of needs from yours. Start by understanding your body so that you can wear those clothes that make you look beautiful.

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