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With everything being digitalized it has become very convenient for the people to sell and buy products. Now you do not have to roam around in broad daylight to find yourself a buyer or seller. You can just list it on the convenient sites.Craigslist search engine is like a list of everything in a local area. Here you can find used items being sold by the people. You can find anything from air compressor to meat grinder from television to radio. Though there are other applications like LetsGo, Offerup, etc. but Craigslist tops all of these. It is one of the best site to sell and buyused and new items. You can look for jobs as well. Craigslistfinds deals in your areas and list them into markets which makes it easy to shop. The items you get here are cheap since they do not charge you shipping when you order them from your area. Many ways to find best worst craigslist sf.

Craigslist also gives you an option to buy or sell goods outside your local area and it can be done with the help of third- party Craigslist search application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Craigslist:

As a buyer:


  • As a buyer you do not have to pay any shipping charges which makes it cheaper. You can also work out any time and date with the seller according to your requirements.
  • The sellers at Craigslist are willing to negotiate making it most likely to get a good deal.
  • You can search all Craigslist without wandering from one place to another.


  • This site provides no guarantee to any buyer. There are many sellers who say some thing but does something else. For example; you can agree to buy a product today but may find that the item is sold to someone else at a higher price. There is no enforcement.
  • You do not get much time to probe on your decision to check out the amount of interest on it as the item might just get sold if you wait too long.
  • The site has updating issues. So you might get your required product to find that it has already been sold weeks ago. Sellers may not update their post regularly thus giving the buyer a false hope.

As a seller:


  • As a seller you can put anything on Craigslist and it will be sold.
  • It takes very less time to create an account and you can post your listings. It is different from the regular websites and newspapers which charges fees for posting ads, Craigslist is free which means you can post as many posts as you want.


  • There is no guarantee of payment. It might happen that the buyer shows up at the designated location and tries to get the item without paying you. Then the seller have to repost the item and wait again for people to buy. This circumstances causes a great loss of time.
  • As the seller does not know who he is dealing with it might be dangerous for him. The seller should arrange the meeting at a common public place and should have somebody with him during the exchange.


  • Craigslist is completely anonymous and any user can search Craigslist without mentioning their user name or an email address. It reveals the information of a person only if he decides to contact a seller about their post and vice versa.
  • There are many discussion boards where you can meet people with similar interests and hobbies as yourself. There are also romance pages where people can date online. Thus this site has turned into a social networking site with these pages. However you need to be cautious before browsing these listings.
  • It promotes affiliate marketing as it offers a great advertising experience. With the affordable advertising rates it is easy to post and advertise products or businesses.
  • Craigslist allows you to earn some extra money by selling the items stocked in your house but are of no use. The process is much simpler without causing any harassment.
  • The real estate section is quite popular and is a great way to attract investors.

How Craigslist works?

Craigslist was founded with the purpose of serving local communities. The sole purpose of the website was to initiate geo- localized transactions. It did not put emphasis on statewide, national or global markets. Thus Craigslist does not allow cross- location searching. But people have been trying to use it otherwise.

It is useful when you can search all craigslist at once. People in St. Louis Craigslist wants to buy items from New York City and they might be able to work it out. Craigslist is inefficient when you want to know about the prices and values. You might not be able to find a relatively rare item on Craigslist site.

How to search all of national Craigslist:

Finding a particular item nationwide is difficult. But there are ways in which you can search all craigslist and find that particular item. Although Craigslist did not support cross- location searching initially, many people have created tools to overcome the barrier. There are many sites which allows you to search Craigslist entirely without limiting yourself to a local area or city. It will widen your scope of finding the item you are looking for.

  • Find a Craigslist nationwide search engine: You can get several websites which carries out an extensive search of all Craigslistregions. Some of the sites are Search Tempest, Daily Lister, Search All Junk, ad hunt’r etc. All these sites allows you to search Craigslist nationwide but differs in the amount of control offered by them.
  • Enter the item you are searching for: The different websites offers different results. While some will show results for the specific term searched others will categorize them into regions. Like for Search Tempest you need to enter the postal code and the radius of the area you want to search in. You can even change the preference section to state, region or national Craigslist search. It allows you to choose categories and sub- categories before you search for your required item. Daily Lister allows you to categorize and search. After the results are displayed you can specify the region. Search All Junk does not allow you to search through specific categories. You can just enter your search and can choose to view results in different regions. Ad hunt’rallows you to narrow your search result to specific areas and categories.
  • Browsethesearchresult: Each website will display results in different way and might give you options to refine your search. You can use the available tools to narrow down your search result to make it more useful.

There is another way to search all of craigslist. You can use advanced search operators like Google, Yahoo etc. Enter your search term in the field. Add “site:” after your search term to focus the search on Craigslist. You can use search operators for additional search criteria such as price range, pin code etc.

Craigslist search engines:

search all craigslist

Craigslist itself allows to search for local advertisements posted on Craigslist sub- site. But there are many search engines that allows you to search advertisement in areas farther from where you are. While this gives you option to find better and more results but doing business on Craigslist farther away from your area can increase the risk.

There are many Craigslist search engine tools. Different sites offer different services according to your preferences. Here are a few of them:

  • Search Tempest:


  • You get multiple search options according to the category, region, price, etc.
  • It may include results of searches from Amazon, eBay, etc. thus providing you more options.
  • Narrows down your search results thus making it easier to search through the items.
  • The site is designed properly with easy to use interface.
  • Once you enter your search term it displays the results in groups based on location making it easier to browse.


  • It shows too many on- site advertisements.
  • This site is dependent on Google Search which makes some results inaccurate.
  • Search All Junk:


  • The site has an user- friendly, easy- to- use interface.
  • It allows craigslist search by state.
  • It displays result by searching other classified offerings such as Recycler and Penny Saver, Oodle and more.


  • It offers limited filtering options.
  • Ad Hunt’r:


  • It offers good filtering options.
  • It searches other classified websites such as Kijiji and Oodle.


  • It displays too many sponsored advertisements.
  • ZoomTheList:


  • You can search all Craigslist or limit it to a particular area or state according to your requirements.
  • It has a separated search parameters from the results which makes it user- friendly.
  • The advanced filtering options makes it easier to use.


  • The interface of the site is schematic making it difficult to use and neither the site is pretty.

Other Search Applications:

  • DailyLister: This site functions similarly like ZoomTheList. It provides many advanced filtering options which makes it a very useful tool to search all of offer- up. It displays options using Google Custom Search.
  • Statewidelist: It allows far more access to search a specific item than the traditional site. You need to enter your search term and the site offers you categories based on your search. You can select the state for your search. This site shows eBay results too.
  • Search Craigslist: If you are wondering how to search all of Craigslist you do not have to worry any more. Search craigslist allows to search Craigslist in it’s entirety. The interface used is simple which makes the browsing easier. It shows Craigslist results regardless of your location. It uses Google Search Engine to display results based on the relevancy and the date of post. This site searches for active Craigslist posts and is thus updated regularly.
  • Onecraigs: This site though display results from all cities, focuses more on cities throughout United States like LA and New York City. This site would be a better option of you are a traveler and travels a lot or if you live in a major metropolitan area.
  • CPlus: For the iOS and Android devices users CPlusserves as a great Craigslist search tool. You can search Craigslist in many major cities and regions at once. It is one of the few site which is officially licensed by Craigslist. It’s one of the major feature is that it allows you to set up search alerts which means if you are looking for a particular item which is currently unavailable, it will inform you automatically once the item becomes available. If you are a regular purchaser you can input your favorite products or types of notices you need to be notified about. CPlus offers extensive geo- location support which helps you in setting your search in case you do not know how widen the area must be. The site has advanced filtering and sorting which gives a much better search results. You can browse through the results easily. Thus this site is one of the best to search all Craigslist for Android and iOS users.

Shopping items from Craigslist is fun and easier even if there isn’t any particular item you are looking for. The drawback of Craigslist is that it has a limited search options to what you can find in an area. Though it might not be a problem for broad searches but are for those who has the option to travel to get what they want. This third- party search engines and apps makes the browsing much easier and helps in using Craigslist in it’s full potential.

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