4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Traffic

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The purpose of developing a website is to get the top rank on Google page in digital marketing. When it comes to developing a website with SEO knowledge, search engine results can be top. SEO plays a crucial role in enhancing brand awareness and to improve your page traffic.

According to the Hubspot report, about 80% of website traffic starts with the initial search query SEO. With this, you can maintain your ranking status. Use your SEO tools to achieve the desired traffic by optimizing search results.

1. Make your mobile site a priority for a mobile-first index

If you have a desktop and a mobile version of your site, the mobile version will be indexed and your desktop version will take precedence. If your audience is using mobile, this is the time for you!

Do not use intrusive interstitials. Create content with a mobile phone in mind. Create a responsive site that avoids any forms of loading on mobile devices and protects all content from your desktop site to help you rank.

Make good use of the ‘overwhelm-proof’ methods. Hamburger and accordion menus often enhance the user experience.

To be safe, you should regularly check your server log files for crawling errors.

2. SEO audit on website and content

Auditing is a systematic examination of the company’s market position. If your website does not attain your desired goal, then SEO auditing is an advisable one. Most SEO companies offer this service. SEO audit not only helps in enhanced decision making but also includes major growth hacking techniques to retain customers.

SEO audit includes a complete survey of site performance to set new goals in the future. This is an on-page SEO technique. Give equal importance to keyword insertion to avoid search engine problems.

3. Re-optimize old content

More than 50% of businesses use content marketing. And some of it has a few years old contents. Old content can be optimized. Optimizing content that receives low traffic, conversions, or another metric that matters to you, will help your business make more use of that content. Thus it is possible to come out on top of SERPs.

You can re-optimize old content using a number of strategies.

  • Viewing organic traffic or conversion data in Google Analytics for pages.
  • Checking impression and click data in Google Search Console for pages.
  • Assessing keyword rankings and traffic in Ahrefs for pages.

You can also see which pages you should focus on:

1. At least six months old.

2. A previous track record for driving substantial traffic or conversions.

3. Related to company services or products.

Once you have to pick which pages you like, audit them. Depending on the age of the content, you can make in-depth updates, like rewriting or adding content, to help it rank in search results.

4. SEO optimized page on a website

A well-designed landing page and SEO optimization results in better sales and lead generation. Using the landing page increases incoming search traffic and enhanced user attraction. Most clicks are redirected to your homepage, not on the landing page.

However, a landing page forms a bridge to drive traffic based on email marketing and press releases.

Final thoughts

Tried and true SEO nodes are obsolete, so follow industry best practices in keeping up with the latest SEO tips. At the same time, try to approach problems from a new and unique angle. Who knows, maybe you are the one who set the 2020’s SEO trends!

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