Montessori Toys for 6 Month Old

best Montessori toys for 6 month olds

Throughout the years I’ve been filling our home with apparatuses that are likewise toys. In the event that you aren’t sure what I mean by that it’s basic. Instructive apparatuses that are fun and give your youngster what they have to realize such a significant number of various things. We have shared such a significant number of our most loved toys and apparatuses for children of any age all through the recent years. Today you will discover probably the best Montessori toys for 6 month olds.

Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House

We LOVE this set! These are completely working pieces to rehearse viable fundamental abilities like tidying, cleaning, and clearing. Your little children won’t have any desire to stop. Include a squirt bottle and delicate cloth for windows and your home will be spotless in a matter of moments!

Stack It Peg Game

Doesn’t this game look inviting? Stack It Peg Game is meant to encourage fine motor work and hand eye coordination. If you have a special needs child, this is the perfect game for your family!

All of my kids were excited to practice cutting with a knife. We started with this cutting fruit set. It’s great for pretend play and fits nicely on any work shelf. It wasn’t long before they went right to their own safety knives. These knives from Curious Chef are perfect for kids

Small Buttons Dressing Frame

Toddlers and young preschools are in the “do it myself” stage of life. Help them learn how to button the buttons on shirts and pants with dressing frames!

Wood Lacing Sneaker

My boys wore Crocs for YEARS and I never had to think about laces but as they got older it hit me they needed to learn how to tie laces. A shoe like this lacing sneaker was perfect.  This is a very sturdy material to work with and will last through the years.

Melissa and Doug Scissors Set

Working on scissor skills is so great for your toddler. They develop responsibility, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills. This set is colorful and with so many different ideas you can let your child work for hours. Plus children this age love crafty things. You can add in glue and colored paper for their very own mosaic.

Jumbo Eyedropper Set

SO cool! I wish I would have thought to buy this set for my kids. These jumbo eyedroppers are great for science centers and to strengthen little hands for better pencil grasp later. Use in your art projects too!

Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set

Use this nuts and bolts set for color matching and fine motor work. It might be tough to watch your little ones struggle as they figure out how to maneuver this set. But it’s WELL worth the patience!

I also LOVE the real tools from Montessori Services. It’s so important for children to be able to work with real life items. These are great!

Lock Exercises

Every toddler is fascinated with locks and door handles. Give them the practice they are looking for with this box that has ten different locks.

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