The Benefits of Using Microwave Therapy for Warts Removal

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If you live in the bustling town of Sydney, you can get to places with your feet and the city’s efficient public transport system. Trains, ferries, and buses are aplenty. Traffic and parking may get fairly bad, especially in downtown CBD (central business district), so it makes a lot more sense to take public vehicles. Tourists are also abundant because of the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Because you need your feet to remain mobile, taking care of your only set of feet is crucial.

If you are feeling any pain in your foot, the culprit could be warts. As such, you need an efficient wart removal, Sydney treatment to eradicate these annoying nuisances. The worst part about warts, if you do not nip them in the bud is that they can readily spread to nearby areas. You can also spread this infection to other people. If home remedies and salicylic acid are no longer working, it means the roots of this wart have infested deep into your dermis. With this in mind, you need a deep-penetrating solution to fix the problem. One way is using microwave technology, which relies on medical microwaves, to zap warts completely. Here are the benefits of using this form of therapy:

Offers High Success Rates

When you rely on medical microwave technology to take off your warts, you have an 83% chance success rate. The reason is an intense microwave signal penetrates deep into your skin using a pre-established depth. This heats the infected area causing your warts to go into heat shock. When this happens, your body recognises the infections and fights the virus. Remember, plantar warts are caused by HPV or human papilloma virus, and they are tough to eradicate. However, with this treatment, you will see better results compared to any other procedure.

Provides Faster Resolution

Usually, you will only need three visits to your doctor’s clinic to obliterate the annoying wart completely by this method. Other wart removal, Sydney procedures will require at least three weeks up to four months of treatment to give complete healing. That eats a lot of your time and effort, not to mention your doctor’s professional fees.

With microwave therapy, you can get treated in a shorter frame of time with more successful outcomes. Even warts that don’t respond to other treatments will face eradication with the microwave therapy. 

Offers a Safe Healing Method

When you rely on microwave therapy to cure your warts, you will only feel very mild discomfort when the waves hit you. But keep in mind this will last for less than a second.

The temperature that your skin feels is just a little warmer than your usual hot shower. Think of it as akin to a sauna, you will feel a little bit flushed, but you will feel great after. You don’t even need any anaesthesia to dull the site.

Assures No Down Time

This therapy will not leave you in a bloody mess. You don’t even need any wound dressing. There is also no after-care to worry about. The results are so amazing because there is also no scarring or tissue damage. In fact, you can go home after your procedure, and you shall not experience any downtime.

Final Word

If your warts are incredibly uncomfortable and they are keeping you from living your life, you need a rapid treatment like microwave therapy. Warts are a fairly common infection on your skin’s outer layers, and they are excellent at trumping your immune system. Remember, microwave therapy is the most effective solution if you want to get rid of this wart, so you don’t pass it along to other body parts and other people.

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