Important Things to Know About Product Listing Services

In this fast moving world, everything has become digitalized where people often prefer online over offline trading.

In this cutthroat market exposure of your product and then turning them into sales is a vital issue. To stand out in the same line of business and then competing among the categories is a separate thing but what is crucial is an appropriate market place to list your products.

Product listing services facilitates the manufacturer to place their products in different market place like Amazon, eBay, magneto etc with ease. These websites have huge categories and large customer base. Listing product on these platforms according to the specifications like color, size, shape, prize etc. will be convenient for customers to shop.

Product listing do not end up at indexing the services at various websites but comprise much more like regular update about the new products and upgrading the existing ones which is done by reliable catalog management team.

Why you need Product Listing Services for your ecommerce store

Neither buyer nor seller has enough time to physically explore market places hence online trading solves the purpose of both in certain ways:

  • Social media marketing around the globe enhance your presence.
  • Saves time and resources which otherwise can be diverted into much crucial business development decisions.
  • Expert and professional advice right from building portfolio on various platforms to generating sales.
  • Detailed knowledge of prevailing market trends.
  • Imminent correspondence with customers through the medium of feedbacks and review

Process involved in product uploading

Listing product is an eminent decision to be executed in well-planned manner by following structural steps as stated below:

Identifying requirements:

Once the enquiry is sent to service providers, a brief synopsis of the product, market, price, offerings and competition is recorded.

Gathering product information:

After getting a brief detail from you, a team of experts survey market to gather all relevant information about your products, market value, competitors and market exposure.

Product specification content:

Then a content strategist will construct an appealing description of your product keeping in mind product specification like color, size, shape, price, features etc.

Product image:

Your product image is the face of your portfolio; hence a team of image editing experts will enhance the image quality, keeping the original features intact. The image quality will be improvised in terms of high definition, angle views, high resolution, sharpness and clarity.

Products upload:

Once all the required changes are approved and validated from your end, product portfolio is uploaded.

Live quality test:

After final upload, the experts will manually check all product details like product title, product description, price and images of product. They will ensure that the product is uploaded with all relevant information as requested.

Detailed report:

At this stage, a detailed report post task completion is prepared and is handed over to you.

During this process traders/manufacturer can have number of interactive sessions with catalog management team regarding their needs and requirements.

Major eCommerce Platforms Where Sellers Need Product listing services

Here is the list of ecommerce platforms for which product uploading services offered by ecommerce service providers to list your products accurately in the market:

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Wallmart
  • Magento
  • Etsy
  • Souq
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Opencart

Features of Product Listing Services

The essentials of listing services are enumerated below which will give you a glance of the key areas where Ecommerce Company extend their hand of support:

Product data entry: product specification information is being generated in most appealing way including keywords and phrases.

Bulk Product upload: when you are dealing with bulk products, these services are useful.

Category management: analyzing each specification of your product and then finally placing them into suitable category for maximum optimization.

Product title: title should be catchy to attract your customers.

Editing images: images are edited in an away to give real picture of your product as customer buy product by seeing only.

Price research: research price of the products of same line of business and also the competitor’s offerings.

Inventory management: keep a regular check of your product inventory and inform you to restock the product for smooth flow of trading.

Why You Need To Outsource Product Upload Services?

Millions and zillions of products are circulating in market place but only few get exposure. The visibility of your product depends upon various factors offered by product upload Services Company.

As a trader or manufacturer you are entrusted with responsibility to focus on key areas like business development, product up gradation and much more. In this scenario hiring an ecommerce service company to take up all the charge of product upload is a wise decision. Although hiring such an experts is always a choice that click your mind but that require a regular flow of expense while outsourcing an expert for a particular task seems a much viable decision.

The ecommerce service experts are well versed with the growing trends and upgraded with the technologies hence they have keen knowledge of software and applications which will help you to save time and energy.

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