Don’t leave home without these 5 Cool Gadgets

While this is a slight modification on the popular tag line for the American Express commercial which used to air on American television in the 1980s, it refers to gadgets you need when you travel. everyone looking for best portable tech gadgets.  You know that you need to pack your suitcase with essentials like clothes and toiletries. But did you know that you also need gadgets when you travel? This article will discuss 5 cool outdoor gadgets you need when traveling!

  1. Universal plug adapter
  2. Noise canceling headphones
  3. USB flash drive
  4. Portable phone charger
  5. Car charger

Essential travel gadget # 1:  Universal plug adapter

You need an all-in-one adapter especially when traveling either abroad or to far-flung places in the world.  If you are traveling to the boondocks, you may encounter recessed outlets which require an extender to work. If you are traveling abroad, you need an adapter which will easily adjust to the differences in voltage without being fried.  A good all-in-one adapter to consider is that from NEWVANGA.

Essential travel gadget #2:  Noise canceling headphones

These come in handy especially when you are traveling on long or on international flights where you want to listen to the television programs on the in-flight screen, but don’t want to any background noise to interfere with what you’re watching.  You can easily watch The Big Bang Theory or NCIS without having to worry about hearing the snoring from the passenger sleeping next to you, or the crying from the fussy baby sitting in the seat behind you. A good noise canceling system to buy is the Bose Quietcomfort 25.  Though not cheap (they will set you back $180), they are a great investment

Essential travel gadget # 3:  USB flash drive

This is also referred to as a thumb drive.  It is perfect to use when you want to share documents in a conference, or accessing important papers and documents which you may have lost or have had stolen from you!

You can find literally thousands of these USB flash drives (thumb drives) on Amazon for reasonable prices.

Essential travel gadget # 4:  Portable phone charger

This is the must have gadget whenever you travel.  It is so essential that some people even give them out as party favors as parties.  While this may sound incredible for you to believe, it is the stark truth. The best portable phone charger to carry with you when traveling is the small, rechargeable USB phone charger.  It is ideal because you can always renew its energy supply by plugging it into any wall outlet anywhere in the world. It adapts easily to differences in voltages, so you don’t have to worry about frying it when you travel to places in the Middle East, Europe, or Asia!  The best part is you can always recharge your phone whenever you are on the go, wherever you are!   You want to spend the extra money on a quality phone charger because the cheap ones tend to burn out quickly.

A good one to buy is the one Anker sells.  It is a great investment at only $32.

Essential travel gadget # 5:  car charger

A portable car charger is great when you need to constantly charge your phone, digital device, or camera especially when driving in a rental car or in someone else’s car.  You don’t have to worry about not being able to find enough outlets to charge your digital devices in the place where you are staying at. The Qualcomm 3.0 is a great investment in terms of a car charger!

You will never be stranded again

Now that you know which 5 cool gadgets you need to take with you when traveling, you will never have to worry about being stranded again!

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