Best Audiobooks That Make You Fly When You Are Traveling

Best Audiobooks

You can entertain yourself during flight travel when you choose from these audiobooks. We have selected a wide genres of Audiobooks that could interest travelers. Travel guides, non-fiction, fiction, and many other useful books you can binge on to make it an interesting journey. Also, you can find out the best fantasy audiobooks which you make fly when you are traveling. Below is the list of audiobooks that you listen to while traveling.

  1. Sizzling Sixteen

An interesting fiction about Stephanie and how her life unfolds with a series of incidents. An action-packed series that keeps you hooked until the end. Every character in the series is well etched and connected. Along the storyline, a few rules of what happens in the real world might not apply. They have hilarious tidbits that burst you into laughter and keep you glued till the end.

  • Origin: Dan Brown

A gripping plot about the murder of a scientist who invented a technology that answers religious as well as spiritual questions about the existence of life. Set in various cities in Spain, it unravels many ancient secrets with a modern approach. An interesting book that keeps you intrigued until the end.

  • Crazy Little Things: Tracy Brogan

The story is about a straight-laced woman called Sadie Turner who loses faith in love and men after her husband cheats her. When she goes on to live with her aunt, she meets a man full of flaws and sparks between the two ignite complicating everything and making her believe in love again. A great fictional tale for the long flight.

  • Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Eric Barker

An inspirational advice that gives you sound insights about what success is all about. Improve your life each day with the tips and advice given in this book. The advice is based on neuroscience and unravels the flaws in the logic with which we perceive success and achievements. This book has an entirely different take on how to live and achieve success.

Every chapter explores the common ideologies of leading a successful life and bursts the myth about the success we have been living about providing a fresh perspective about various ideologies we live by.

  •  Learn French: Paul Nobel

Add a feather in your cap by learning a new language. An easy way to learn French within a span of a few hours. Learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and everyday conversations in this complete course. The approach to teaching grammar and language is relaxed and enjoyable. You will be learning 6000 words and day-to-day conversations by the end of this course.

  • Crushing It: Gary Vaynerchuk

A great book for startups and entrepreneurs. It has valuable advice to build businesses. It provides ingredients to create a personal brand. Enjoy listening to the unique and timeless perspectives that let you build a successful business. Inspiring stories of those who went from rags to riches. It gives you insights into the potent understanding of social media. There are many nuances and innovative tips that let you create an impactful personal brand.

  • Furiously Happy: Jenny Lawson

An honest and rib-tickling account on depression and anxiety. A new perspective on using flaws to find joy and happiness. It talks about beautifully embracing flaws to bring joy into your life. It has a hysterical and funny take on the dark side of mental illness.

  • The Overdue Life Of Amy Byler: Kelly Harms

A rib-tickling tale of an unappreciated mom, Amy Byler, who takes a break from her family life to find someone interesting. Life takes a funny toll on a crisis where she has to take a call on whether to stay with the new man in her life or go back to her family.

  • Sh-t My Dad Says: Justin Halpern

A twenty-eight-year-old author lives with his dad after being bumped by his girlfriend. This book is an account of witty things said by his dad that have words of wisdom, only angrier. This book is an account of angry, funny things said by his dad which can make you chuckle.

  1. Wrinkle In Time: Madeleine L’Engle

An intriguing science-fantasy fiction about time travel. Meg’s father experiments with time travel and encounters an unearthly man at his door on a stormy night. When her father disappears, Meg along with Charles sets on a quest to find her father dealing with unknown and evil forces. A bestseller and a popular fantasy fiction with a lot of twists and turns.

  1.  Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn

A bestseller mystery novel if you have an appetite for intrigue. A fairytale marriage falls apart after 5 years when Amy goes missing. This plot is a mix of sharp wit, layers of human nature and behavior and depicts the devious ways of Nick after his wife goes missing. Is he really the killer of his wife is for the user to sail through this plot of lies, deceit, and much more to be unveiled.

  1. What Alice Forgot: Liane Moriarty

Alice is still living in her yonder memories of the honeymoon phase when she is turned 39 with three kids and a divorce. Will she be able to pull her life back together at this stage finding out if forgetting to live in the present is a curse or a blessing. She is at crossroads and has to make a decision to start over.

  1. The Notebook: Nicholas Sparks

A beautiful love story about Noah and Allie. Their enduring love when they are apart and in the heart of each other. A tragic and emotional tale that takes a miraculous turn of being together in the end after a few tragic incidents.

  1. Bossypants: Tina Fey

A witty autobiography of Tina Fey that depicts various incidents till her tryst with Hollywood. She is candid and reveals all interesting details about her life including her college day romance, motherhood, and more. Get to know all the interesting details and anecdotes of the actor as you fly.


Enjoy choosing from these audiobooks when you fly. You can pick from fiction and non-fiction titles to make your journey interesting. Not a moment of boredom choosing from this select list.

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