5 Must-Know Tips to Boost Milk Production in a Dairy Farming

milk production

Many dairy farmers have small income since they don’t get the milk production quantity that is expected. Low milk production is attributed to poor farming practices, which impact negatively on the output. Farmers tend to get frustrated on times they aren’t unable to meet their bills. Don’t worry; we have the solutions. Here are tips you ought to get enlightened to when in dairy farming.

Proper feeding

You need to feed the cow on a dry matter such as hay and silage rather than green grass. It is for the simple reason microbes in all ruminants don’t work well on feeds more so ones that aren’t fermented. Hay or silage, which is already fermented, will quickly get digested. Faster digestion will take place, which is essential to increase milk output. You equally need to include legumes too, and dairy concentrates as well as grains to provide a balanced diet for the cow hence increased milk output.

Feed the cow molasses 

Dairy cows require a lot of energy to move around while grazing as well as in milk production. Molasses come in handy since its sugary contents are essential for glucose production. You can mix the molasses with hay or silage to feed exclusively. Additionally, molasses has livestock microbes that bolster the growth of microbial bacteria in cows’ stomach. Whenever the microbial bacteria have good growth in the rumen, they provide enzymes that improve digestion. Microbes easily break the feeds, especially during dry seasons where fibrous feeds such as elephant grass are common. Milk production will eventually increase.

Ensure serenity in the dairy cows’ growth and environment

Comfort is fundamental to cows’ health and productivity. You need to keep maintaining the environment, which included enough resting space. Whenever it isn’t comfortable, the cow will keep moving around, ending up wasting a lot of energy it would have used in milk production. Equally, you need to build quality nutrition for the cow from an early stage by selecting a quality calf milk replacer. It is a superb way of placing your calf on an excellent path to a highly productive life.

Provide adequate water

Enough water is required for increased milk output. Milk is about 90% water, which indicates that water is essential. The water source should not be far from where the cow is kept. A far distance will make the cow drain a lot of energy it would use for milk production 

Effective disease control

Animal diseases hurt their productivity. A cow that isn’t in good health will not feed efficiently, reducing its milk productivity. You need to make it a habit to ensure your dairy cow is of good health to enjoy high milk production. Lest you forget, familiarize yourself with cow breeds meant for dairy. Don’t make a mistake of confusing with beef cows.

Ways to increase milk production among dairy cows isn’t rocket science. Ensure your cows are well taken care of, which includes an earlier stage by using the right calf milk replacer to bolster productive growth. The tips highlighted above will lessen your work if you into dairy farming. The secret lies at making dairy cows happy to increase their milk productivity!

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