7 important points to remember while shopping your fridge

7 important points to remember while shopping your fridge

Are you looking to bring home a brand new refrigerator? Congratulations, there is no denying the fact that a refrigerator is among the most vital home appliances.

It can help you store veggies, fruits, meats and other items fresh for a long time. You can also reach out to a fridge on a scorching day for a chilled glass of water, ice creams and more.

But when there are so many leading models across brands in India, which is the best model for you? You don’t have to worry as you can consider a few aspects that may help you shop for your ideal refrigerator. Continue reading!

  1. Will your new fridge fit in your home?

The first thing to measure while deciding on the best fridge for your home is the space available in your house that you are looking to install the device. You should ensure that it will fit through the door and the doors of the fridge have enough space to open easily.

  • Will your new fridge fit your family’s needs?

After you know that you know that a double door fridge will fit in your home, the next thing is analyzing the needs of your family. A single door fridge is not apt for a family of 3-5 members and a double door fridge will. The double door fridge price in India begins at around Rs.18,000. Thus, ensure to bring home a right-sized refrigerator so that you don’t need to buy another if it does not suit in some months.

  • What about looks?

The looks of your fridge will matter if you have recently upgraded your kitchen. You may also look beyond the normal looking and single and double door fridges to do that. The advent of modern fridges such as side by side fridges and French doors may enhance the overall look of your refrigerator.

  • Did you consider the food habits of your home members?

The next thing to know before buying a fridge in India is to consider the dietary habits of your family members. If the occupants eat meat, fish and frozen foods on a regular basis, then you will need to have bigger freezers. It may not be possible in a single door or a conventional double door fridge. You can consider a model with a bigger bottom freezer or a side by side model – the half of the device in such models is the freezer. If your family members are large vegetarians, then a lot of fresh produce will be your priority. Hence, you should consider fridge models with different drawers.  

  • Is your fridge energy-efficient?

Just like any other home appliances and other items, it is also important to check the energy efficiency of your proposed refrigerator. It is vital to do that because a fridge is always switched on and may eat up more power units if you do not take care of it. It would be good to buy a fridge with an inverter compressor to save on power consumption. On the other hand, it may also help if you buy a model with 4-5 BEE Star Ratings to save up to 55% on light bills.

  • Do you need ice and water dispenser?

Buying a fridge with external water and ice dispenser may lead you to pay more on buying a fridge. Thus, you should ask yourself if it will matter if your fridge does not include it.

  • Do you need a convertible refrigerator?

Buying a convertible refrigerator may also increase your budget and hence; you can avoid the convertible refrigerator feature if it does not matter to you!

By following these best tips, you would be able to bring home the best fridge that may fit the needs of your home and your pocket.   

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