6 Unforgettable NHL Accidents

The National Hockey League (NHL) is an astonishing event that provides enormous highlight moments that remember for a very long time.

But, with fantastic memories, the league also endures some clumsiest and controversial moments. If you are searching NHL history questions about the most contentious incidents, you are at the right place; we are compiling a list of some accident.

  1. Sean Avery’s rudeness

Sean Avery is known for his annoying and rude behavior in the NHL; he once lost his job due to potty mouth with Dallas Star due to offensive and disgusting comments about his ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert, she was an actress and dated another famous hockey player name, Dion Phaneuf. After Sean Avery’s remarks, the NHL suspended him, and Dallas dumped him after his suspension from NHL.

  • The Slapshot Operation 2006

In 2006, on the evening of winter Olympics games, Wayne Gretzky, who was serving as executive director of the team Canada and New Jersey police, announced his involvement in gambling ring and investigation started.

One of the suspects was Rick Tocchet and his wife Janet Jones; Rick Tocchet was a coach under him. Although Jones never charged but Tocchet’s career ended up and pleading guilty.

  • Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore fight

Todd Bertuzzi taking out Steve Moore, was the most controversial incident in NHL history.

Todd Bertuzzi earned a stiff suspension after took down Steve Moore in a fight during a game in 2004. Sadly, Steve Moore had a severe injury, and several vertebrae fractured, which ended up his career. Bertuzzi also ended up his career by pleading guilty, Moore filed the lawsuit case seeking damages in the court, but they both had a settlement out of court in 2014.

  • Marty McSorley lashed out Donald Brashear

A very tough guy of the NHL, Marty McSorley’s career came to an end after an involvement in the pesky stick-swinging accident.

He lashed out Donald Brashear in a very crucial game in 2000. Brashear then fell very badly and hit his head on the ice, which caused a concussion.

McSorley suspended from NHL for the rest of that season and finally ended up in the court and found guilty.

  • Mike Danton hires a Hitman

Mike Danton after his St. Louis Blues were dropped from the Stanley cup 2014, he accused and arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his opponent, David Frost. It was the dirtiest and controversial incident that ever happened in NHL history.

He spent five years in United State’s jail and then transferred to the Canadian prison and served more six months before discharge.

After Danton again hit the ice to a student-athlete in Halifax at Mary’s University, which led a lifetime suspension from NHL in 2010.

  • The Crease Call

Who can deny the steam of the goal which Brett Hull scored in 1999 to win the Stanly Cup for glorious Dallas Star?

NHL fans in Buffalo still feel the heat about that goal. His skate wan in the crease at that time when hitting a short pass in the Game 6. It seemed against the rule, but NHL said the goal was good and accepted. To avoid more controversies, the NHL abolished crease rule before starting next season.

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