Why should you get Online PSARA License?

Online PSARA License

Private Security Agencies are the entities engaged in the business of providing security services, offering security guards and also training and preparing security guards and officers. With the increased rate of crimes and fear-based oppression, there exists a need for the administrative authority responsible for governing and regulating the Private Security Agencies.

This is where the government controls the activities of private security agencies and with an end goal to protect the general public against the anti-national activities has arranged the demonstrating law called Private Security Agencies Regulation Act 2005 known as PSARA.

PSARA involves national security and no entity or organization are allowed to carry on the business of Private Security Agencies or provide security protection without holding valid PSARA License; as per the stringent provisions of the act.

Every state has made their respective procedures and guidelines for respective private security agencies that include recruitment, training, and governance of activities of PSA. Police and necessary authority grants clearance to PSA in the respective district or state. PSA provides trained guards and officers to proprietorship, hotels, companies, NGOs or any other legal entity requiring the same.

Let us understand in detail about online PSARA License and its requirement henceforth.

Who can apply for Online PSARA License?

As we know, the Private Security Agency cannot be started without getting PSARA License and laws have strictly laid down several eligibility criteria for entities willing to run Private Security Agency.

There are some eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by applicants before applying for online PSARA License such as:

Categories   Eligibility criteria under PSARA  
An applicant for online PSARA License Entity willing to start private security agency business must first get any of the following registrations: Private/Public CompanyLLPOPCSole-Proprietorship firmPartnership firm  
An applicant for principal officer/ director of the private security agency To get the post of a director or principal officer of PSA, one must fulfil the following criteria: Must be Resident in IndiaMust be financially stable to incur cost involved in starting and running the businessIs never sentenced to imprisonment for an offence related to mismanagement in the formation and promotion of the companyIs never convicted by any competent court  
An applicant for security guard Anyone willing to become a security agent, security guard or officer must possess the following characteristics: Indian citizenAge should be between 18 to 65 yearsApplicant must assure PSA regarding his records are cleanMust possess relevant security training Must have satisfied relevant physical standards under PSARA  

Regulations governing Online PSARA License

We have jotted down few governing rules under the act that every PSA must follow before and after applying for online PSARA license:

  1. PSA must have appointed supervisors who will be responsible for administering the guards and their working, engaged in PSAs or other organization where they are being appointed through such PSAs
  2. Security agencies must sign Memorandum of Understating with training institutes approved by state controlling authorities to impart necessary training to security guards.
  3. Any individual with three years experience in army, navy or air force must be given most preference while appointing security guards
  4. PSA and its officer along with guards must strictly adhere to the rules as prescribed under PSARA act
  5. Online PSARA License issued under this act remains valid for 5 years which must be renewed at least 90 days before the expiry date

Process of applying for Online PSARA License

If you have established your private security agency and willing to apply for an online PSARA license, this blog contains information suitable as per your need.

Hire PSARA consultant to get complete assistance right from establishing PSA to obtaining online PSARA license or go through the steps enumerated below to apply online:

  • Get the qualified documents gathered before applying for an online PSARA license such as PAN, GST certificate,EPF registration certificate, ESI registration certificate, shop & establishment registration, ITR of principal officer/director, etc.
  • Once all the licenses are acquired, the entity must enter into MOU with a recognized training institute as approved by state councils.
  • Applicant must apply for police verification first to the authorized police department of concerned state or district
  • Thereafter, the applicant must file an online PSARA license application which is processed once the authorities receive the same.
  • Authority after receipt of NOC from police after conducting their investigation, upon its discretion, may or may not accept the application
  • Once allotted license remains valid for 5 years with an option to renew upon its expiry

PSARA License Fees

The government fee structure for getting online PSARA license in India:

Government Fees   Operation of PSAs
INR 5000 For those PSA operating in one district
INR 10000 For those PSA operating in two district
INR 25000 For those PSAs willing to operate in the entire state

Need an online PSARA License? Our team can assist you!

One PSARA License is sufficient for the entire state or to operate in one or more districts within the same state for which vis License is obtained. Our PSARA License Consultant extends their services from documentation, preparation, and online applying to subsequent follow-up for acquiring the online PSARA License so that you can initiate your business smoothly.

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