Why customer ratings are important?

We are living in a world of internet and technology. Internet has drastically revolutionized the marketing and shopping industry. It has changed theway people purchase and sell things. There have come so many new things in the market that are helping the buyers to make better buying decisions. Online reviews or ratings are one of them. It is a powerful advertising medium. It plays an important role in the selling and buying of products. It allows the customers to share the experiences that they had with the products or services of a specific company. Online ratings and reviews have the power to tell about the quality of the products. With the progress of online shopping, people have started depending on the online reviews and ratings to buy new products. Many companies now allow their customers to give ratings and reviews on their products. Well, there are both the positive and negative consequences of customer’s reviews/ratings. In this post, I would shed light on the importance of customer ratings.

It helps you to make better decisions

In traditional shopping, we mostlymake the wrong decisions. The shopkeeper influences us and we end up buying the wrong things that we did not want. While customer’s reviews and ratings can save us from making the wrong decisions. It is important to have prior knowledge of the products before buying them.

People check the online reviews and ratings to collect the knowledge about the specific company or its products.After reading the reviews and ratings, people get a clearer picture of the products of a company. It has the power to dramatically change the buying intentions of the customers.

It can save you from scams

Customer reviews and ratings can save you from manyfrauds. With the dramatic progress of online shopping, the rate of frauds and frauds have also dramaticallyincreased. It is important to check the online customer reviews before buying anything because it can tell you about the company. You will get to know if that company sells poor quality products or not. People share honest reviews on the websites and they can save you from frauds.

It helps to increase the sales

As I said earlier, there are both the positive and negative impacts of consumer ratings. Negative ratings influence the business more than the positive ratings. Negative ratings affect the business negatively and hence the sales will be negatively impacted. While on the other hand, a positive feedback can increase the sales. More people would buy the products that have positive consumer ratings or reviews.

It is a feedback for the sellers

Consumer rating is a feedback for the sellers. It helps them to know more about their products and their quality. They can make their products better after reading the ratings.


To conclude this article, I would say customer ratings play an important role in increasing the sales. It helps the buyers in making better decisions. Next time, you think of buying something online, do check its reviews and ratings.

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