When you want to make your kitchen look like Martha Stewart’s

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You know her, she is a celebrity figure who is known for her cooking skills.  Many people, maybe even you, love to imitate her style and cooking techniques.  While not everyone is a natural born cook, everyone (including you) can make his or her kitchen look as fabulous as Martha Stewart’s.  Read this article to learn the 7 stylish home decor ideas to follow in the kitchen.  Please note that these decor ideas will work in any other room of your house as well by Weekly Specials.

  1. Decorating the living room
  2. Decorating the dining room
  3. Decorating the kitchen
  4. Decorating the bedroom
  5. Decorating the bathroom
  6. Decorating the home office
  7. Decorating the hallway

Idea # 1:  Decorating the living room

You want to relax in your living room.  This is the place where you entertain guests as well.  The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house because this is where you and your guests will spend most of their time.  You want it to be elegant, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time! You can style your living room by fitting it with elegant black anchors.  A black stylish lamp will complete the new age, elegant look.

Idea # 2:  Decorating the dining room

This is the most special room of your house because family members, you, and guests spend a lot of time eating this room.  With eating comes socializing, sharing stories, and forging long-lasting relationships. You want it to look stately for these reasons.  You can furnish your room with a black, double-tiered side table. This is perfect for serving if you are having an elegant dinner party.  You can also fit your room with a new age dining table and be adventurous by having stools accompany those. This would force your guests to talk to each other while eating.

Idea # 3:  Decorating the kitchen

You cook in your kitchen, therefore you spend a lot of time in this room.  You want it to look stately and regal for this reason and for presentability, especially if you invite guests over often and give them a tour of your house.  You can use a cabinet with a new age design and sleek minimalist handles to give your room a totally different look.  Your kitchen will look contemporary if you do this!

Idea # 4:  Decorating the bedroom

You sleep and relax in your bedroom.  This is also the room where your guests will stay if they spend the night in your house.  You want it to look elegant and contemporary while being comfortable and homely, and having a welcoming environment.  You can give your bedroom a complete makeover without breaking the bank by fitting it with colorful and stylish bedding, especially bedsheets, which is comfortable.

Idea # 5:  Decorating the bathroom

You relax and take care of basic bodily hygiene in this room, and so do your guests.  You want it to look impressive and welcoming while being relaxing and a room where you can find everything you need quickly.  Since storage space is limited, you can use inexpensive yet stylish portable shelves to store everything you need to without cluttering your bathroom up.

Idea # 6:  Decorating the hallway

Your hallway is the gateway to your house.  It is really the first thing you and your guests will see when they enter your house.  You want it to look nice and have a welcoming atmosphere. You can dress it up by hanging a wall rack and some nice pictures in innovative picture frames

Idea: # 7:  Decorating the home office

You home office is your office away from the office.  You want your things to be well organized and easy to access.  You can put a strong table lamp in your office. This will allow you to have enough light to read important documents.  A desk with cabinets and compartmentalized drawers will not only allow you to store your important items, it will give you the perfect workspace.

So now you can…You can start to decorate your house and give it a complete makeover so that it looks like a celebrity’s house.  The task should be easy now that you know which rooms to tackle first and what to put in each room!

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