What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

No one can deny that artificial intelligence has a tremendous impact on our daily life. Truth be told, Artificial intelligence and machine learning are bringing new facilities in our daily life. This is why, in this post, we are going to talk deeply about ML and AI in a very detailed manner. There are even many sophisticated fields where AI and ML are landing and establishing complicated algorithms. We can give an example of the healthcare and financial industry. As result, outputs are over the top when it comes to data accuracy and well-calculated results. You will be fascinated by the huge progress which AI and ML handled in the world of technology.

Artificial Intelligence Definition

AI stands for the field of the computer since that handles us the ability to create more intelligent machines to react like humans. Like that, they can stimulate their behavior and handle the best support and facilities for the human being. We can find many fields where AI is used. Especially when it comes to Healthcare machines like X-ray and financial industry prediction like a stock exchange for instance too. AI is getting more and more optimized results no matter what field we are dealing with. Ai has become a must in order to avoid errors especially when we deal with privileged industries like the artificial intelligence healthcare.

•             Speech recognition: We can find systems like SIR and Cortana. They represent real revolutionary assistant for the human being.

•             Learning: Developers have been establishing many interactive systems that helped young students to learn effectively.

•             Health care: We can find much research to develop a system that can predict many serious diseases in the field of cardiac tamponade and heart attacks. This is why we are talking about real life savers when we mention AI in the healthcare industry.

Another pillar that we have to talk about is artificial intelligence and machine learning in financial services and how AI has been contributing to the field of the stock exchange. People nowadays are relying on AI algorithms in order to seek more exactitude when it comes to the best shares’ values prediction. Even giant companies like Cambridge Analytica is relying on Ai to gather adequate data and use it in their artificial intelligence robots around the globe.

What is Machine Learning ?

Actually, ML is a subfield of AI and can handle the system in many different is to automatically learn and develop their experience without the interference of any programmers or human beings. The systems become more and more intelligent with time. They use data and learn alone in order to enhance their possibility to analyze and use that data in a very accurate way.

For ML systems the process of learning is based on data and its observation. They can earn from previous experiences, paths or other behaviors based on some dynamic instructions set by the developers ate the first time. Accordingly, the systems are going to handle more accurate data in the future. Such a mechanism will handle the computers the possibility to learn easily without the intervention of the human being for sure. We can find many examples in the world like a Deep-Mind from the giant of technology called google. It is highly recommended to mention that most of such systems are developed using machine learning in python.  This is due to the massive and giant community of such languages. In addition to that, we can find many frameworks and libraries ready for being used to optimize your time, effort and investments.

In the end, AI has a real impact on our future; some Hollywood works like Terminator artificial intelligence movie confirmed that we may deal with many risks of intelligent machine invasion. However, experts in AI and ML confirms that the field was always here to boost our life experience. Actually, you can become a real actor in the field if you learn some artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals. You may be a real influencer in the area too.

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