Watch out for best Museums in Ontario

Museums in Ontario

Isn’t the world full of mysteries found and lost?

Museums have always been a fascinating structure storing and proudly displaying the archaeological discoveries.

But guess what? It’s not always about artifacts but sometimes museums are all about creative displays and innovative artistic items as well.

Museums are intriguing.

“A visit to a museum is like a search for beauty and truth that is missing from our lives”

Canada is full of surprising diversities. From the CN Tower to Niagara Falls or a drive-in Cambridge airport limo to the neighbouring towns and cities. You can set your eyes for every landmark and get there with ease. The best thing that you will definitely come across is the authentic museums in Ontario. Undoubtedly, Toronto fancies some of the best museums only but let’s not create a monopoly here, shall we?

Keeping the most attractive and unique characteristics in mind let’s take a tour around some of the worth visiting museums in Ontario;

1.  Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

It has the honour of being one of the most amazing museums of Canada. The prevailing glass exterior and interior designs, it’s a perfect depiction of a modern glass castle. The experience is quite exhilarating in itself with all the cool stuff.

The building itself leaves one to wonder, let alone the exhibitions. The natural history and culture alongside the grandiose dinosaur bone collection is something to look out for.

2.  Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta

Ok, Games of Thrones fans, this is not what you think it is (disappointing I know) but once you visit the museum, it gets pretty overwhelming.

Hard to believe? It’s not.

Another of the famous dinosaur museums is in our midst this time. The proud exhibitions of largest dinosaur bones exhibit reside here – 40 mounted skeletons to be exact! On the plus side, you can experience a paleontological excavation with proper guidance and it’s all learn-how grounds for all age groups.

In fact, it’s a perfect place to bring a school day trip for kids!

3.  Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

How can you ever forget the historical wars that decorate the old memoirs of Canada? Get a thorough awareness of long-forgotten history.

Museum retains the war spills and the legacy of veterans in an impeccable way that it penetrates the depth of your hearts. The overall theme emphasizes the war experience. For instance, the displays of uniforms, rare vehicles, medals, personal letters and more gives thoughtful insight into the difficult times.

And after getting to know about the glorious details, why not take a stroll on the surrounding grounds? It’s worth a visit with your family.

4.  Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge

One of the best parts of travelling to this monumental museum is that you can ride on the comfortable Cambridge airport limo if you are habitual of running late.

Once you reach the museum, you will get to be entertained by the finest sculptures and artifacts. Remember that these museums is a collector of over 450 casts displays! If you are interested in the Roman era post-renaissance, this is the perfect choice for you.

Some of the most recognizable pieces of Greek and Roman era are put on displays making you take a look at them and be at awe.

It feels like a world within a world. Museums can be a fascinating plethora of stories and creative arts. As long as you can learn from it, appreciate the story they tell you are good to go.

Point to ponder

Benefit from your free time while travelling. There’s nothing like Canadian creativity and historic exhibits. If planned the right way, a visit to the museums can be charming. Let’s just hope you stay motivated to visit the well-earned reputations of these classic beauties.

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