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Do you remember Looney Tunes or the Smurfs?  They and other cartoons like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were probably your favorites to watch as a kid.  But now that you are an adult, you may be loathed to satisfy that occasional craving for cartoons because you are afraid of acting like and being called ‘a little kid!’  Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because your salvation and answer to your cartoon cravings may come in the form of anime online!

What is anime anyway?

If you thought that anime is ‘cartoons for adults,’ you are right.  Indeed, this Japanese invention has come a long way since its debut more than three years ago in 2017.  You may be thinking to yourself, “where can you watch these adult cartoons since there does not seem to be a T.V. channel that airs them!”  The answer is that you can watch anime online.  Sometimes, you can watch anime online for free.  That may have a sweet ring to your ears because even cable T.V. (the medium through which cartoons have traditionally been aired) is expensive.

Why you will love today’s anime

The anime you find on many websites today are very different from the fuzzy imaged and sometimes blurry cartoons you watched as a kid!  Anime makers understand the tastes and wants of an increasingly net savvy and demanding adult audience.  They have created many websites for anime online.  Some good examples are 9anime.to and Gogoanime.in.  These websites allow you to watch anime online for free.  

You’ll love these ‘adult cartoons’ because they feature many exciting and smart-looking characters that are displayed in the best graphics possible.  Additionally, they revolve around themes that will have you glued to the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating what will happen next. These Anime makers understand that making anime popular largely lies in branding and strategy.  They also know that net-savvy adults want clear graphics and storylines that will keep them guessing.

Anime goes far beyond Internet T.V. cartoons

Adult anime is not just ‘adult cartoons’ which are broadcast on various online T.V. websites.  They are becoming an integral part of decent and clean adult entertainment. This is large because the makers of anime offer anime online games.  You will be playing the role of a major character while trying to accomplish an end goal which can be gathering enough treasure while killing off the enemies as you would in Call of Duty or PUBG.  Anime online games have diverse themes and storylines since they are designed to entertain a large swathe of the adult audience. This audience has varying and constantly changing tastes and preferences.

Did you know that you can play anime online games for free?

That’s right.  Many of the anime makers feature a games section on their websites.  You can play anime games online free on many of these sites.  A good example of this type of site is Crunchyroll.com.  You’ll be playing a new anime game with different themes and end goals every hour because this website is constantly updated.  You can also watch anime online for free if you get tired of playing a particular character and just want clean entertainment. Just keep in mind that you must be a premium member (you have to pay money) if you want to access the good games!

Anime games online have different categories

As mentioned earlier, anime is a broad topic that caters to entire sections of the global adult population with different wants and tastes in terms of entertainment.  This is why many anime online websites offer anime cartoons and games in different categories. One such example is Animeheaven. Many anime lovers and experts regard this as the premier site for quality anime!  If you visit this site, you’ll find the anime cartoons (and games) neatly categorized into different themes, storylines, and genres. Two of the most popular cartoons are One Piece and Hunter X!

Anime is one way to bring the fun you had as a kid back

‘Who says adults can’t have fun?’  With anime cartoons and online games, you’ll be enjoying several hours of fun while reliving your experiences of watching cartoons and playing computer games as a kid.  The only difference is that anime has grown up resolution, graphics, and engaging and intriguing story lines that revolve around relevant and smart themes!

Top 10 Websites To Watch Anime Online 2020

  • Best Websites To Watch Anime Online 2020
    • Best Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online Free
    • Best Anime Streaming websites to Watch Anime Movies Online
      • 1. 9anime.to – English Subbed Anime Online
        • 2. Gogoanime.io – Largest Free Anime site
      • 3. Crunchyroll.com – Watch Popular Anime
      • 4. Kissanime.ru – Best Website to Watch Anime Online in High Quality
      • 5. Animeheaven – Best Website to Watch Anime
      • 6. Animefreak.tv – English Dubbed Anime videos
      • 7. Animedao.com – Watch Online Anime Free
      • 8. Chia-anime.tv – Free Anime Watch Online
      • 9. Funimation – Best Website to Watch Anime Online
      • 10. Hulu.com – Best Website To Watch Anime

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