What Everybody Ought To Know About the Visa Subclass 494

Visa Subclass 494

Australia is a great place to work with the acquired skill set one has. In case the employers situated in Australia cannot find appropriate help within the country, then they can seek skilled help from outside the country as well. There is a provision of certain visas that allows the inclusion of foreign personnel with specific skill sets to come and join the workforce of Australia. One of these visas is known as the visa subclass 494 or Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa. The primary condition of this visa is the nomination of an employer residing in the country. There are several other conditions attached to this visa and the assistance of a proficient Visa Consultant Perth may become necessary.

The Different Streams

Unlike the other work visas, the 494 visa has three inherent streams. The general conditions and eligibility of the visa are similar; however, the types of skilled labor the employer need determines the stream the skilled help needs to apply for. As stated earlier, most of the functioning condition is similar in the prevalent streams, listed as below;

  1. Employer-sponsored Stream

In this situation, the employer can sponsor foreign skilled workers in their region. However, the employer has to ensure that no indigenous Australian help is not present for that particular job in that specific region. The shortage of Australian workers and the requirement of the particular skill can result in the sponsorship of the employer and the award of the visa 494to the applicant.

  • Labour Agreement Stream

In this stream, the employer must have a labor agreement with the Australian government for the sponsoring of foreign skilled labor. Here the government means the ministry and the employer is an individual or a company. The sponsorship shall be awarded based on the rules and regulations of that agreement. However, the basic conditions of the visa will remain the same.

  • Subsequent Entrant

This stream is for the family members of a 494 visa Australia holder who are registering their applications independently for their SESR visa and are planning to join an elementary visa holder of SESR in Australia.

The Benefits of The 494 Visa Australia

The 494 visa Australiaprovides some interesting benefits to the holders. The holder can enjoy the following assistance when they have been nominated by the regional authority. These benefits can be listed as below;

  • The holder can live, work, and study only at the designated areas determined by the regional authority.
  • The visa applicant can travel to and from Australia multiple times for the period of 5 years
  • After 3 years from the grant of the visa, the holder can apply for the permanent residence and receive, subject to the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions.
  • The same pay rate and employment rules as a citizen will be applicable for the holder of the subclass 494 visa.

The Conditions to Fulfill

The visa holder can enjoy the following benefits only after the visa is accepted by the ministry. Like all other visas, there are some conditions that function in the processing of the visa application. Moreover, the conditions can change according to the stream of the visa chosen. Therefore, the regulations must be properly checked while going for a visa subclass 494. The conditions to be fulfilled to ensure the proper collection of the visa can be listed as;

  1. The applicant must have 3 years of experience in the relevant field of work.
  2. Nomination from employers is very important. This condition varies from stream to stream. In the case of the Employer-sponsored stream, a registered Australian employer has to sponsor the applicant; whereas in the labor agreement stream, the sponsoring concern must have a binding labor agreement with the government of Australia.
  3. The applicant must undergo ministry-approved examinations to assess their skills as mentioned in the labor agreement,
  4. The applicant must only work for their own sponsors.
  5. The age of the applicant must be under 45 years. However, this condition is flexible and should be mentioned in the labor agreement.
  6. The most basic standard of English proficiency is mandatory for the successful application of the visa.
  7. The visa applicant should not get married or enter into a de facto relationship before coming to Australia. Failure to notify the ministry about the change in relationship status can result in the rejection of the visa.
  8. Any change of the following information must be notified to the ministry within 14 days if the applicant has already arrived in Australia. The changes can be listed as;
  1. The address where the applicant lives
  2. The contact number of the applicant
  3. Passport details of the candidate including the name
  4. Candidates’ email address
  5. The employer’s address
  6. The address where you work.
  7. Proof must be provided about the above-mentioned information if and when intimated by the ministry.
  8. The candidate must work only in the profession designated in the latest visa application. They cannot choose a different career unless they apply and are approved a new Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa.
  9. The candidate has to start working within three months of receiving the visa, or arrival in Australia if he or she was not present at the time of approval;
  10. The candidate cannot take leave for more than 90 successive days.
  11. The candidate can only work in the selected business if the visa was under a labor agreement or a Standard Business Sponsorship.

Getting Knowledgeable Help

As per the existing rules, the visa can only allow an applicant when he or she receives a nomination from an employing source. Even then, the stream of the nomination shall determine the course of action. Therefore, many associated laws will have to be considered in the application procedure and documentation. It will be a great thing if you involve the help of a proficient Migration Agent Perth for your application processing. With the knowledge and the understanding of intricacies of the bureaucratic procedures, your application will have a greater chance of getting accepted.

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