Tips For First Time Campers


For the first time campers, there’s a lot of stuff to know. If you have just realized your passion for camping, then, this post is for all those campers who are venturing and braving the weather to drive into the wilderness. Well, if that is the case with you, we have listed down some of the essential tips that you need to learn and make sure to get familiarize with these tips to avoid getting stuck in the worst scenario.

Get to know your gears much better

Camping gears are designed for your own convenience and it is essential to get to know them better. The common thing among the campers is that they don’t practice using these gears unless they reach the campsite. Trust me, that’s really going to put you in trouble and which is why we recommend you practicing and getting familiarize with those gears beforehand.

Carry a Cooler

Make sure to carry a camping cooler with you. A camping cooler will keep your food and beverages ready for consumption. There are many portable coolers up for grabs.Portable coolers reviews have suggested that they are an ideal cooler for camping. They can be carried around easily and you can even mount them on any rough terrain. These coolers are lightweight and can easily fit in your truck or car.

Buy a Tent With Good Space

A tent is your home away from home and for that reason, it is essential to find a good tent that offers you every bit of comfort and luxury sleeping. Make sure that the tent is roomy enough to shelter your companions. Also, safety remains an important consideration while buying a new tent. A tent should be durable, waterproof and wind resistive.

Make sure to reach your destination early

It is always a good idea to reach your campsite early and day time. Being new campers, you won’t be familiar with the rules of the place. Arriving early at your campsite means that you will have enough time to learn about the place, its amenities, rules. Also, if you reach your campsite at night, you are going to find yourself in trouble while pitching up the tent.

Take Care of Your Meals

As a camper, we often overlook our survival and what we are going to be during our trip. In fact, only a handful of campers plans their meals and the rest just overlooks it. So, make sure to consider how many meals will be you eating and for how many people, you will be making those meals. Make sure to do groceries before leaving your homes. So, be a smart camper and make sure to plan your meals accordingly.

Carry your clothes

Preparation is the key to surviving anything and it is always a good idea to carry sufficient clothes with you. You never know when the weather takes an extreme turn and it starts to rain. You will need a rain jacket during those times and when it is getting cold, you will need clothes that will keep you warm. So, always carry at least 4-5 pairs of clothes with yourself.

Practice pitching up tent

Setting up a tent can be a daunting task and if you have not pitched a tent, it is likely that you are going to find yourself in trouble. As a first-time camper, it is essential that you practice pitching up a tent before leaving for your home. Make sure to get yourself familiar with the accessories that come with the tent and purpose of these accessories. Make sure that you are well aware of the fact that how to stake the tent.

Camp close to your home

If you are camping for the first time in your life, it is advisable that you don’t go too far from your home. Make sure to camp near the vicinity of your home. May you find it unable to set the tent or there are times when the weather can take extreme turns or there are some emergency situations, all these things can lead you into trouble. In case of any urgency, you can quickly reach your home and seek some help from your elderly members.

Avoid harsh weather

While camping can be fun while it is raining and being a first-time camper you should definitely avoid the harsh weather. Camping means relaxing and harsh weather can ruin your experience. There is nothing worse than finding your tent surround by water. Definitely, you don’t want to wake up at night only to see water entering your living area.

Carry a survival kit

Your camping kit is inadequate without a survival kit. A survival kit that consists of knives, tablets, flashlights, matches will also come handy during those times of urgency. So, it is a good decision to carry a survival kit with yourself.

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