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TestLodge is a Tool which provides a complete solution for managing test cases and also provide Defect tracking tool integration with performance testing features. The focus of TestLodge has been to provide a tool that is quick to use, is bloat free, has a good interface and keeps the testers productive. Very soon There will be an update coming that makes the tool usable on the iPad. Click on Test case management tool to know more about tool.

There are plenty of tools available in the market. It is highly recommended for users to consider picking the right tool to enhance user convenience. 

TestLodge  Features: TestLodge having below main 4 features

Test Plans:  In Test Plans can create test scenarios and test cases easily by using built-in templates.  Alternatively, you can also create one for yourself, starting from scratch. And it is having good interface to navigate from one to another section to update the tests.

Test suites and cases:  These are set tools that shall help you put together a plan ASAP. Each test suite is comprised of test cases which are easy to create, can be added to any existing library or can be altered version of the pre-existing ones. You can arrange it as per the desired order and hence execute the test run effectively with this easy-to-use test case software.

Requirements – Any project related requirements can be added in the existing files, at any given point of time. Besides, the requirements to stay in the loop, to help assist the project. Requirements comprise of a title and description. Once you create the requirement, you can either assign to any one or more than one of the projects.

Test runs: If you have ever faced any problems with the test runs, you are moments away from loving TestLodge as Test Case Software. Before the test run is executed, all the test plans are duly copied and the information is kept secure. Thus, if the data gets destroyed, it will have no impact on the test run

TestLodge Advantages:

You don’t need to worry about any install or multiple licenses to operate TestLodge and everything is setup for you straight away. TestLodge is a hosted web app. Collaborative online working which means With no user limits, TestLodge allows the entire team to manage test plans, requirements, test cases and test runs all in one place Easy interface to access any functionality with the toll Compatible with Cloud based system Test results with activity feeds and graphs

Future Updates: 

Improved interface – A lot of time has been spent on a new interface, this includes improved dashboards and stats that are more personal to the logged in user. the new interface is also designed to offer better support for tablets such as the iPad. Requirements matrix report Visibility of what user has performed what action – the activity feed along with all content now shows who performed a certain action.

Lots of smaller improvements such as additional sorting options, improved searches etc…

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