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Imagine a world without technology. It will be hard for us to think of a place where inconvenience dominates due to the lack of technological advances. Whatever field you pick, you will see that technology is indeed what is driving that particular sector towards success.

Recently, I contacted Cox to learn more about their Cox Contour TV package. The chatbot that assisted me was proof that the company is employing technology in the right way. If you have a look at the health care sector, there have been many inventions that have made lives easy for people.

Smart Inhalers

Inhalers help asthma patients in treating them. The theory suggests that if patients take inhaler correctly, it is effective in treating 90% of them. However, the reality is different from theory.  According to researches, only 50% of the total patients suffering from asthma have their condition under control after using the inhaler. 944 of the patients are believed to not use inhalers properly.

To resolve this issue, an invention in the form of Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers was introduced. This inhaler is different from the previous one ion the sense that it has a small device attached to it. This device is capable of recording the date and time of an individual’s dose and also see if it was administered properly. The collected data is sent to the patient’s smartphone for him to see how well is he performing.

Robotic Surgery

The purpose of robotic surgery is to aim for higher precision, flexibility, and control. Surgeons do not use robotic surgery in all circumstances. Minimally invasive surgeries qualify for robotic surgery. This type of surgery allows surgeons to perform highly complex and difficult tasks with much ease. Because it is not always possible for human beings to perform such complex tasks.

Surgeons are now able to combine robotic surgery with AR to perform the surgery with even greater precision than before. This allows the surgeons to view all that is happening inside a patient’s body in real-time and they alter their decisions accordingly. Some people fear that robotic surgery will replace human surgeons. But as of now, it is only used to assist them.

3-D Printing

3-D printing has become a hot favorite among many in a very short time after its introduction. While many fields including architecture are making good use of 3-D printing, the healthcare sector is also taking advantage of this technology. These printers can help the doctors in creating implants and joints that they can use during surgery.

3-D printed prosthetics are already very famous because of the digital functionalities enabling the doctors to measure every measurement of an individual with great precision. Hence, allowing for more comfort for those who get the prosthetics.

Doctors can use 3-D printers to not only create long-lasting but soluble items as well. Scientists and researchers have already created 3-D pills for patients to take.

Artificial Organs

Another breakthrough in the healthcare sector is the introduction of artificial organs. Bio-printing is now a thing and it is enabling the creation of artificial organs. In its initial stages, biotechnology was able to regenerate skin cells. Now it is capable of doing even more.

Scientists have successfully created blood vessels, pancreas, and even synthetic ovaries through this technology. You might think that how can these artificial organs replace the real ones. But the thing is that once the doctors place the artificial organ inside a human being, it grows inside the patient’s body and replaces the faulty one.

Health Wearables

After the invention of Bluetooth in 2000, people have craved wearable devices. It is the demand for these devices that led to the creation of fitness and health tracking wearable devices as well. Patients of diabetes or cardiovascular disease can take advantage of such devices to monitor their health. The same goes for other patients as well.

The latest invention was Apple’s 4th generation watch that included a technology that allowed people to have access to their ECG. Such wearable devices are increasing in popularity with every passing day. I, myself, was not aware of many inventions stated above. I guess I only know how to use my smartphone, download apps on it, and place an order for the cox ultimate bundle or the latest bags. I am glad I stumbled upon this topic and researched more about it. It is impressive how technology is changing the way we live. In another 4-5 years, technology will be doing things we could only dream about.

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