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DHA Multan is one of the safest housing colonies in the entire country. A lot of people want to buy a house in this colony to make their lives easier. Its luxury facilities also enforce people to do so and to make their life comfortable.

Many people feel hesitation in buying a plot in DHA due to its procedure. We can estimate that due to a calculation of less than 40% of transactions for DHA are on files. The remaining transactions are not on files. The reason behind this huge number may depend on various factors like the availability of agents or many others.

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In the following article, we will guide you about the purchasing of a plot or house in DHA. The step by step procedure will help you a lot in the complete dealing. You just have to follow the steps carefully and you will make a deal easily.

Selection of Agent

The real Estate agent is an integral person who can make your dealing affordable and reasonable. Also, he is the one who may either make the procedure simple or complex. So, the selection of a Real Estate Agent should be done carefully.

You should have to select an agent who provides you basic facilities as well as other facilities. For instance, he should have complete knowledge about dealing you want to make. Furthermore, he should be aware of all your requirements and land qualities.

Your agent should be one who provides you the allocation file of land. In short, he will give you all the facilities from starting of dealing with the end. At last and the most important thing that you will have to look for is that the agent should be DHA registered. You will have to do this to avoid any scam or fraud in the dealing.

Price Check

After the selection of the agent, you will have to choose a land package just according to your investment. For this, you can ask prices from the agent or can visit DHA portals online. Keep it in mind that these prices are not fixed because the rate of property varies quickly.

These prices are given just to give an idea to the visitor that may help him to decide which land is suitable for him. So, make your mind ready that original prices may be slightly high or low than the mentioned ones.

After the selection of price or land, you will have to get the DHA Affidavit file from the registered agent of the housing scheme. There are many agents who offer you this file at low prices. Beware of them because you will lose both money and time in these tricks. Pay decided the amount to the registered agent and get your DHA Affidavit file.

Confirmation of Dealing

Ask your real estate agent and tell him about the quote to buy the file. After receiving this quote according to your requirements, you will have to investigate your resources. When you have confirmed about dealing, you will have to pay Rs. 100000 to the agent as a token.

Along with token, you will have to give him a transfer fee, 2 passport size pictures with a blue background. Furthermore, you will have to provide him your CNIC copy. Kindly collect your receipt of the transaction from the agent office to confirm your dealing and agent reliability.

Issuance of Voucher And Intimation

The seller will request DHA to transfer the file by submitting an Affidavit file along with the transfer fee. DHA will issue a voucher that confirms your dealing and transaction. It will take 4 to 8 days for its issuance. After this, you can feel secure because your dealings are going in the right way.

The issuance of intimation for the buyer will be issued after the submission of the voucher by the seller. The whole procedure may take 10 days for its completion while in some cases more days may be required. However, with the issuance of the voucher, the buyer can feel comfortable.

Final Payment And Allocation Letter

After the issuance of the intimation letter, the buyer we have to pay the final payment to the seller. Before doing so, you will have to tell DHA organizers that the issuance letter is in your name. After that, you can pay the final payment. You can verify your letter through a phone call or by appearing physically if possible. This is done to make the dealing transparent and for the issuance of the Allocation letter. Allocation letter will be given to the buyer that shows he is the owner of the property.

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