Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture in Brisbane

outdoor furniture in Brisbane

Known as the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is home to over two million residents who enjoy high quality of living and healthy work-life balance. Given the economic opportunities, cost-effective transportation options, and high-quality education the city offers, it comes as no surprise that Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia. As such, there are tons of housing options that you can avail, should you decide to settle down in this city.

One of the most significant advantages of living in Brisbane is its subtropical climate, which translates to sunny weather for most of the year. As such, outdoor spaces are extremely prevalent, with many people flocking to places to enjoy the weather. With more number of people looking for ways to spend time outside, it makes sense that outdoor furniture in Brisbane has grown more popular among homeowners. Nowadays, people view patios and outdoor spaces as an extension of their home, thereby taking the time to design them and make them comfortable.

When it comes to designing your patio, the possibilities are endless! You can have an outdoor kitchen for your regular barbecues, install a pool to stay fit or create a lounge to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather. Whatever you have in mind, here are some tips on selecting outdoor furniture to ensure you get the best pieces.

Check the Weather for outdoor furniture

Weather can be your biggest enemy when outdoors, so the same principle applies when working on your patio. First, determine the typical weather conditions in your neighborhood and the specific area. Though Brisbane is known for having tons of sunlight, some days may bring in strong winds and rainfall, so see if that is a concern in your area. Stainless steel, for example, does not mesh well with extremely high temperatures, while wood can easily get destroyed in wet and damp areas.

Choose Low Maintenance furniture

Many people purchase furniture without thinking of the long-term repercussions. Some pieces may serve your space well and look beautiful, but they may be extremely high-maintenance. Given that your patio is meant to serve as a comfortable space, you want to ensure you do not spend most of your time trying to maintain your furniture’s condition. Teak, for instance, is considered one of the best materials for outdoor furniture in Brisbane since it is weather-resistant, durable, and adaptable to different designs, making it low-maintenance.

Think About Space for outdoor furniture

Measuring your patio space may seem like a no-brainer when buying furniture. However, you also have to think about how much free space you should allot. You do not only want to get furniture pieces that fit nicely into your space but also have enough space for people to walk around, pass through corners, and such. In general, apply the same space considerations as you did when designing the indoor part.

Follow Your Color Palette

As mentioned in the beginning, you can think of your patio as an extension of your home. By that logic, it will be best to follow the same colour palette as what you chose for your interior. This way, the two areas will flow smoothly, and there will be harmony in your home’s design. For example, if you opted for a rustic, bohemian theme, try to mimic this by using white, cream, or brown, and adding some tassel blankets or throw pillows on a couch. Do not forget to incorporate some texture and patterns for added impact.

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