Have you heard of Money Heist ? When can we see a Netflix promo for season 5?

money heist season 5 release date

Well, who hasn’t heard of a money heist? After all, detective movies are full of robbers who plan money heists in a variety of places. This is especially true in major stores and banks! But did you know that there is a serial called money heist? Read further if you want to learn more!

What is money heist anyway?

If you are a Netflix movie buff, you know what money heist is. It’s a popular movie serial that has aired over several seasons. As you guessed, this serial has many episodes. However, money heist episodes are interesting because they involve a cast of Spanish actors who try to foil thieves’ plans to rob the Royal Mint of Spain of more than 2.4 billion Euros. The thieves had more ambitious plans because they also intended to print counterfeit money which would look like real Euros to the untrained eye!  By the way, the real name of money heist is Casa de Papel. This is Spanish for ‘house of paper!’ This is an apt name for the movie since it revolves around counterfeiters and the detectives’/police’s strategies of finding them!

The thieves are a gang of 8 members who are led by the intelligent mastermind Professor. Interestingly enough, the thieves are all  named after eight of the world’s major cities. The interesting thing about this group of robbers is that they are managed remotely by the Professor. Money Heist primarily revolves around the personality and actions of one robber who is named after Tokyo city in Japan.

The group of eight robbers have formidable challenges from both within and the outside. They must defend themselves from and control rebellious hostages who want to harm them seriously and even kill them. Their headaches don’t end there because they have to constantly outsmart the police who are all too eager to catch and jail them.

The show’s storyline and plot unfolds over a series of episodes which are cast over the course of numerous seasons. Both get more and more interesting and complex with subsequent episodes and seasons. For example, the storyline and action really starts in the second season when the robbers who aren’t killed off in the first season perform one of their biggest robbery jobs by robbing the Bank of Spain. They do this with the help of new people who join them.

Most of the show takes place in Madrid, Spain (the capital). This is also where it is filmed at. However, some of the third season episodes were filmed in Thailand, Italy, and Panama. Events are filmed as they occur. However, past events are recounted through flashbacks, skips in time, spotty narration that leaves you always using your imagination to fill in the blanks, hidden motivations of the characters, and more. This is what gives this already interesting show even more intrigue. It is also what makes for an interesting watch. Maybe this is why it’s one of the most popular detective crime shows in the world!

More about Money Heist

They say that a show is only as good as its cast and Money Heist is no exception to this. The Money Heist cast stars many talented Spanish and international actors. Some of these include:

  • Ursula Corbero – she is one of the main characters who is known for her inability to narrate storylines. Her code name is Tokyo and she was a lone, runaway thief until the Professor inducted her into the gang. She is referred to as Tokyo money heist.
  • Pedro Alonso – he has a terminal illness. His brother is the professor. Their close relationship is why the professor confides in Alonso, whose code name is Berlin, a lot.
  • Itiar Ituno – her code name is Lisbon. She works for the Portuguese police. Lisbon is actually one of the external enemies. That is until money heist season 3. She officially joins the gang of robbers then.
  • Alvaro Morte – he is the group’s leader. His brother is Berlin.
  • Alba Flores – she becomes Nairobi money heist. She can counterfeit any currency, and she can forge any document. That’s why she’s so valuable to the group of robbers.
  • Miguel Herran – he plays Anibal Corres. His character’s code name is Rio. his hacking skills come in handy when the group wants to plan their heists.
  • Paco Tous – his character is Agustin Ramos. His code name is Moscow. His son’s code name is Denver. Hjs mining skills come in handy when actually executing the heists in a short amount of time. This is why the group values him so much.
  • Jaime Lorente – he plays Daniel. His dad is from Moscow. His dad’s huge role and status in the group is the main reason why he eventually joins it.
  • Esther Acebo – her code name is Stockholm. She plays the character Monica Gaztambide. She was originally taken as a hostage. However, her charm made her become Arturo Roman’s secretary and mistress. She gives birth to his kid, though she and Roman never marry. She falls in love with Denver during a heist. This leads to her eventually helping the group out.
  • Kiti Manver – She plays Marivi Fuentes. She is Raquel’s mom, and she appears in seasons 1-4.
  • Enrico Arce – he plays Arturo Roman. He is taken hostage during a heist. His prior experience as Director of the Royal Mint of Spain gives him special status in the group.
  • Darko Peric – He plays Mirko Dragik. His code name is Helsinki. He’s Oslo’s cousin and a retired Serbian soldier

Watch Money Heist season 5 or read the Money Heist review is to learn more about the many characters of this intriguing la casa de paper drama.

Money Heist Season 4 gets interesting because it features characters who debuted in seasons 1 – 3. Good examples are

  • Dragik
  • Angel Rubio
  • Colonel Luis Prieto

Watch the drama series to learn all about other recurring characters in money heist season 2 and money heist season 3.

More about Money Heist

Due to COVID-19 Money Heist Season 5 release date has been extented. Money Heist trailer for season 5 reveals a great deal of suspense. One interesting development in the trailer may be the removal of the Berlin character.  Another interesting feature of the Money Heist trailer for season 5 is the Money Heist mask which adds even more intrigue to an already riveting drama. Money Heist Netflix has been one of the most popular shows on this T.V. streaming medium. In fact, every Money Heist review has had glowing comments and lots of accolades about the acting abilities of the characters. money heist season 5 release date has been extend due to pandamic.

Because it’s popular in English speaking nations, the Money Heist English version of the drama has been the best selling of all versions. Part of this is because of the unique nature of the Money Heist songs which give a unique flavor and enhance the already spell binding and unique plot and story line of each episode.

Of course, since it’s one of the most popular detective dramas in the world, you can also access Money Heist on IMDB. In fact, Money Heist IMDB has consistently outsold quickly. It should be no surprise that many people, and especially kids, are enthralled with Money Heist. This is so much the case that many kids want Money Heist costumes. It helps them dress up as a unique character for parties and for Halloween. When it comes to popularity, Netflix Money Heist and IMDB Money Heist are constantly battling each other for the top ratings, reviews, and viewers since both streaming services are only too eager to make money off of this detective drama which the global detective drama viewing audience simply can’t get enough of.

Money Heist may change the destiny of detective dramas

The Spanish name for Money Heist is la casa de papel (the house of paper.) While the name may make the drama seem to be a run-of-the-mill detective drama, appearances can be deceiving. Money Heist revolves around an interesting theme and a plot and storyline which is constantly changing. This and the amazing acting ability of the characters explains why the detective drama currently ranks # 1 in the world and it was ranked #2 in the UK on April 6, 2020. In fact, Money Heist may change the destiny of detective dramas!

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