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The computer now is an essential part of our lives. We use computers and like computer devices that are consists of mobiles, tabs, smartphones and many others, to do our daily tasks, to do our office and homework, entertain ourselves and others. Many people use that device as their professionals like streamers on twitch, YouTube, and other kind platforms. Peoples who are masters in this field, sell their services and earn from it.

But how a computer works? Well everyone knows that, but maybe some of you may not, so for those, a computer works on languages as we humans need some language to communicate with each other.

Likewise, the computer also needs some language to communicate with us, but the language that computers understand is not understandable by humans, that is why two types of languages are introduced, one is that can humans understand, and second that can a computer understand.

To make it easier translators introduced that converts that humans near languages to computer understandable languages and convert the computer near language to human-understandable language.

The language that human understanding is called high-level languages and languages that a computer can understand is called low-level languages. Programs that are used to run in computers are made with these both languages, low-level languages are near to computers so if a program that is made with the low-level language is faster than the higher level because it does not need any kind of conversion to understand this by computer.

On the other hand, if a program is written at a high level so it is needed to be converted first at a low level so that it can understand by the computers.

Now there are many languages are hare that you can educate with and start your career. In high-level languages, you can have. Ada, Algol, BASIC, COBOL, C, C++, FORTON, Java and python. On the other hand in low-level languages, you can have an assembly language.

High-level languages are very much popular among the students and the professionals who want to start their career as a programmer, so the question arises here what is the best language that I can start with my career under high level?

In my opinion, you can start your career with python. Python is a very powerful language you can start with and the scope of it very bright. Before go on to tell you how you can learn it, I think you have to understand first what you can do with python and history about it.

What Is Python?

Python is a very popular language that is release in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. The python is a server-side script and used in web development, software development, mathematics, and system scripting.

With python, you can create web application’s server-side scripts, create workflows, modify files, connect database types, handle the big data and perform complex mathematics, and do more other things.

There are many other reasons to choose python for your professional life like it works on different platforms like on MAC, Windows, Linux, PI, and many others. As python is a high-level language so its syntax is like the English language. Python’s syntax is very user-friendly and programs who write programs in it, they love to do it because you can write less COL and gain more functionality.

Python has its own interrupter means it executed as you with it. Python can be procedural or OOP or functional way as you may like.

Now, if you finally decide to go with python, there is only one question remains, how can I learn python and be a professional? Well, there are hundreds of books a platform where you can find the tutorials and do guides in order to start from scratch, but sometimes having only a book or one tutorial is not enough.

I can suggest to you where I learn from this language and today I am a professional python programmer. I found this website very unique and helpful in order to make some structure of my program.  Pythonbestcourses is the site where I learn a lot about this langue.

They have the number of tutorials that are very full in order to start your new career. So if you are ready to give your life a chance then, go there and take a look at them, hope you also can find the best. Happy programming and all the best in your new career.

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