Indiegogo vs Duntap vs Kickstarter


Indiegogo, Duntap, and Kickstarter is the world best crowdfunding platform so here we are analysis and difference the policy and the method of these three platforms here.


This is the largest and ultimate platform. In this new era of advanced technologies, 10 million people around the world visit Indiegogo every month to find brainy and Innovative things that solve everything problems whether small or large. This platform gives entrepreneurs to launch new and revolutionary products. 

On Indiegogo products are unique and more interesting on this site. Indiegogo’s crowdfunding campaigns are where new and groundbreaking products take flight, sometimes long before they hit mainstream availability. With thousands of campaigns launching every week, there’s great tech, design, and much more around every corner.  

47% of campaigns that exceed their goals are run by women. 19,000 campaigns are launch on Indiegogo every month. 


Duntap is a platform where agents, consultants, officers, employees, subsidiaries, directors provide services that help people bring creative projects to life. 

The main services of this site is a funding platform for creative projects. Duntap can be used to create all sorts of things: art and gadgets, events and spaces, ideas and experiences. Duntap is for great innovation in the technology,

back the campaign.

Duntap purpose is to provide the best platform to the users. Safety and trust is the main purpose of this site. The mission is to provide a safe and trusted platform where people are honest and clear when they collaborate to give birth to a new idea. This site is open to provide our backers’ details they need to trust the campaigner and feel cooperative while backing a campaign.


Kickstarter is one of those platforms that gives you space to work with people who know you, love you, and support you. This site’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. They believe that art and creative expression are essential to a healthy and vibrant society, and the space to create it requires protection.

   They don’t want art world elites and entertainment executives to define our culture. They need creative people, even those who’ve never made anything before to take the wheel. Moreover, they help creators connect directly with their communities, putting power where it belongs. 

      18 million people have backed a project, they are an independent company of about 145 people working together, many of them in an old pencil factory in New York City. They spend time in designing and building Kickstarter, forging community around creative projects, and supporting the creative ecosystem around us. They are developers, designers, support specialists, writers, musicians, painters, poets, gamers, robot-builders. Over the years, their team has backed more than 50,000 projects.

     Kickstarter’s support for creative work goes beyond our platform. They publish The Creative Independent (TCI) as a way to share advice and illuminate the many, many routes to living a creative life. they’ve featured wisdom from over 800 working artists so far including David Byrne discussing failure, Poet Ocean Vuong on the generosity of reading and writing, Sufjan Steven rejecting the “tortured artist” schtick, and Laurie Anderson on finding inspiration in oppressive times. they’ve shared guides on everything from getting press for your creative work to reinventing yourself. 

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