How to check Aadhar Card status by name and date of birth?

Do you want to check Aadhar card status online by DOB (date of birth) and name?

well, you are at right place. I will tell you that how can you check your aadhar card status by name and date birth. Many people are looking for applying aadhar card online or how to get aadhar online, if you already applied then scroll down.

Check aadhar card status by name and date of birth(DOB)

  1. First of all, To check aadhar card status visit UIDAI official portal and click on the “check aadhar status” option in the First section.
  2. Fill all the required details like name, Date, Captcha code, etc. and click to the “Check status” button.
  1. You will get the status of your aadhar card.
  2. You can also download your aadhar card if it’s ready and also get it on your mobile.

Acknowledgment slip is required; which is given at the time of registration to check aadhar status.

How to check status without enrolment number?

First of all This is very useful if you have your acknowledgment slip. But you can also check your status without enrolment also.

You have to follow the steps below to check status without enrolment number.

  • Visit the UIDAI portal click on “Retrieve Lost or Forgotten EID/UID“.
  • Fill all the required details like Name, E-Mail ID, and captcha code click on send OTP.
  • After this, Verify your OTP. By this, you will receive your enrolment number.
  • Through this enrolment number, you can easily check aadhar card status easily. OR Click on “Get Aadahr” link on the homepage.
  • hit the “Check status” button and fill the captcha code.
  • You will get your aadhar card status on the screen which can be downloaded.

How to retrieve your misplaced Enrolment slip?

If you have lost your enrolment slip, you can also retrieve your enrolment slip. You can retrieve it online as well as offline.

To retrieve acknowledgment slip visit the nearest aadhar center or update center. They will retrieve your enrolment number.

Otherwise, If you want to retrieve your enrolment number online you can visit UIDAI official portal.

To retrieve enrolment number online follow the step below:

  • Click on the check aadhar status option in Get aadhar section to retrieve your acknowledgment slip.
  • Visit the link “retrieve EID/UID”.
  • Fill all your personal details like Name, Email and mobile number, etc.
  • Fill the captcha and click on the button like”send OTP”.
  • Type and Verify the OTP and you can get the enrolment number on screen.

Thereafter, you will able to retrieve your enrolment number.

If you want to retrieve your enrolment number offline, you can visit your nearest enrolment center.

By this enrolment number, visit UIDAI portal and you can check your aadhar card status easily.

Pan Card Status by name

Aadhar status by call (toll-free helpline number)

If you don’t have any laptop, pc or any internet connection or if you want to check aadhar status offline you can simply check it by just dial a number.

You can also follow this method, If you don’t want to follow these complicated steps. just-dial one particular number and ask everything you want to know to the call executive. Right?

It’s a very easy method. Right?

You can dial a toll-free number 1947 or 1800-300-1947 and ask the call executive about your aadhar card status by providing information like Name, Enrolment number, DOB, etc.

By these methods, you can check your aadhar card status. You can also download it by the methods described above.

Feel free to ask your doubts in comments if you have.

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