How LFYD is Gonna Revolutionize the Fin-Tech Sector


If we count all small and big startups in the fin-tech sector, It won’t be incorrect to say that there are more than 100 Startups in India. And some are doing really well no doubt. But they solve only a part of people’s problem i.e our Indian businessmen. And that is why although getting a loan from them is getting easier and easier people are not availing them for starting a business because only giving them a loan is not motivating them enough to start something of their own. People want a helping hand.

And there’s where Lfyd (Let’s fund your dreams) comes in.  It is a new startup that has came to revolutionize how fin-tech companies operate in India. Lfyd is a financial services and business management company that provides funding to people who want to start their own business. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg the main intention of the founders behind the company was to change the mindset of people who don’t start their own business because of lack of support even though they can get funding from banks and for businessmen who already have a business but they want to earn more sales and profit.

How Lfyd works?

For existing businessmen is that It provides membership to all small and medium level businesses in some nominal fee and then it provides various kinds of services to them.  Its most important feature is that it finds new customers for its business partners as it signs deals with all contractors, restaurant chains, hotels, builders and various other large businesses whichever it finds necessary for its members to increase their sales. The other most important benefit of its membership network is that one member can get up to a 20% to 25% discount from a regular customer when he shops from another member. This membership network is now exclusively access to only businessmen but soon it will be given to all common citizens across the country so that they can get exclusive access to attractive discounts and offers when they shop from member partners. A lot of Indian consumers will get benefited from this membership network.

For the new people who want to start their own business, Lfyd has got enough for them too. When any person is selected for getting funding from lfyd, lfyd provides all the benefits of its an exclusive membership network for them free of cost for the first 5 years. So when banks and microfinance institutions are just happy with providing loans to people lfyd has already taken a head start to capture the market and to do this it has already appointed 400+ business development managers across India this number is expanding by leaps and bounds every day.    

So If you are a businessman or want to open a new business there are a lot of new things for you to increase your sales and stay ahead of your competition.

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