How important to choose age & skin tone oriented products?

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Nowadays, we are very careful about our skin than ever before. And why not should we be?

In today’s perspective, many studies have shown that most of the skincare products like face cleanser, face whitening cream, moisturizer, and lotion contain preservative like parabens that causes skin cancer.

Yes, lots of people use chemical-based products for fast results and they even look good using these synthetic based products. But such positive result can come at the cost of your health. However, there is a big range of products available in the market that often confuse your mind and these questions usually come to your mind – what is the best product to choose for my skin? As you go through the market, what do you see about the skincare products? What will best suit my skin according to my age? Which is the best skin tone and whitening products? I should opt for.

As we are much aware of our skin tone and type.  All age group people have different skin type or tone. But, most of us do not select right products despite knowing the above questions. We see and hear many commercial advertisements on television, magazines, and even on the internet, selling skincare products. These products look so promising through advertisement to reduce oil excess from the skin, ageing signs, whitening the skin and cure dry skin/ sensitive skin. These results sound good in a sense for the viewer. But these products have a great amount of chemical-based quantity. And most of the women use these products on a daily bases that can damage their skin very badly.

Different skin tones have different product needs

oily skin moisturizer

For Oily skin tone

 Oily skin tone is described as an increase in sebum production.As we know oily tone results probably in greasiness around the forehead, nose and chin. We see subsequently breakouts and enlarged pores on our face. That problem makes us so uncomfortable. So, in order to reduce greasiness from the skin, we use any types of skin cleansers. But you often forget while using these products that it may reduce completely oil from your skin that results in breakouts. Many user are looking for oily skin moisturizer and oily skin makeup for getting best result but they did’t know the oily skin causes we can’t cover it by using oily skin face mask or oily skin best foundation the best to use first oily skin soap.

First, choose right cleanser and if possible then go through used ingredients in it at glance, and confirm no parabens and another chemical base. If the cleanser is strong then do not use it twice a day because it may make your skin thin or damage.

Second, always keep your skin hydrated. It does not mean that with oily skin, you only have to make it dry. But you should also keep it hydrated, it should also maintain its moisture in the skin. Thus, your skin remains healthy or glowing. But as age increases, our skin starts to produce less oil because water level reduces in our body. Our skin type becomes change according to age as we get older.

For Dry and sensitive skin tone

Dry skin tone is described as produce less sebum in comparison of normal skin tone. Due to lack of sebum, dry skin loses the lipids that it needs to retain moisture in the skin.  Dry skin can feel tight, rough, mild scaling or flakiness in patches, blotchy appearance(looks like prematurely aged), less elasticity etc. if your skin feels itchiness and redness, this signs of sensitive skin. It demands extra care than only dry skin. This can be described as

First, choose the right moisturizer and drink water as possible. Do not use too much hot shower, as studies have shown that it can reduce moisture from your skin. And use a good moisturizer immediately after having to bathe to retain moisture. Try to avoid using dry skin foundation and dry skin moisturizer on daily basic. Most of the user using their dry skin best moisturizer or dry skin facial and increase there dry skin rash.

Second, you can opt for good organic soap that does not lose moisture from the skin. You can use goat milk soap for dry skin. Avoid harsh and chemical-based or drying soaps especially if you are prone to dry skin. Best you can try dry skin shop first.

For Normal skin tone

 Where skin tone is not too dry or too oily, describes as normal skin tone. This skin type contains few imperfections, rarely visible pores, radiant complexion, mostly not sensitive. But one should use products carefully otherwise it can causes skin either too oily or too dry. You need to use good moisturizer or cleanser that will not harm your skin. You can opt for organic products that will retain your skin type.

For Combination skin type tone-

 People having this type of skin contain both dry and oily skin on T shape area( such as the forehead, chin and nose). It may need a little bit different care for different area. Don’ t use harsh products due to having some oily area on your skin. 

Conclusion:- Finally, I just have to say that don’t overuse any product. It may result in negative effects on your skin. Synthetic base products can cause skin related disease and even cause severe disease. So try to use safe and chemical-free products for healthy skin. As you become older, your skin tone gets changed. So don’t use always same skin tone products. Keep checking your skin type for good results.

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