How do you keep your hair looking amazing in the summer?

How to protect hair from sun ? This is likely a question you have asked yourself, especially if you are a girl.  It’s now summertime and you want to get out and enjoy the bright and warming golden rays of the summer sun.  however, all of that UV radiation from the sun can really damage your beautiful hair. You may be wondering how you keep those beautiful locks of yours soft, healthy, shiny, and sexy.  Well look no further, this article is good if you want the best in summer hair care tips , keep your hair healthy and looking great!

Trim your locks

The best way to keep your hair looking healthy and awesome is to keep it more manageable.  You can do this by trimming your ends. This will get rid of those annoying split ends which can make your hair look unsightly, especially in the summer.  Because hair grows faster during the summer, you may have to trim your ends much more often.

Protect your hair from sunlight

How to protect hair from sun ? “How do I do that?  After all sunlight is everywhere during the summer?”  While this may seem to be easier said than done, especially at first glance, it is not impossible.  The first step to shielding your hair is to ‘cover it.’ You do this by using a hair spray, gel, or cream which has filters that will block out the sun’s harmful uv rays. these are the best summer hair tips. 

You should also wear a wide brimmed hat, especially if you love the outdoors.  This type of a hat will keep the sun’s rays from literally cooking your hair. Cooked hair tends to fray, split, fade in color, and frizz easier.  Covering your hair with a hat will also reduce your chances of getting skin cancer because it will protect your scalp and ears from the sun’s harmful light.  These areas of your body are more likely to develop skin cancer.

Make sure your strands are damp and saturated

You can do this by immersing your hair in clean water or saturating them in some leave-in conditioner.  This will fill your hair shafts and make it less likely for them to absorb lots of chlorinated pool water or saltwater (if you like to swim in the sea or ocean).  Pool water with chemicals in it and/or saltwater can do a lot of damage to your hair by drying it out. It becomes brittle and is more vulnerable to split ends or breakage.  You should also rinse the harmful pool chemicals or saltwater out of your hair when you go back inside. A good way of doing this is with a spray bottle.

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

It’s not mandatory to visit summer hair salon. You are probably washing your hair much more often, especially if your hair becomes saturated with the grease and sweat which dampens its shininess.  This may be a big mistake because shampoo is a powerful detergent which can leach out important moisture and key minerals out of your hair.  This is very damaging to your hair and can make dry, cracked, and more prone to breakage and split ends.  If you must wash your hair frequently, at least use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This will keep you hair moisture and fresher looking while cleaning it. This will help you best summer hair care.

Stay away from hair tools which heat up your hair

This includes hair dryers and curling/flat irons.  Excessive usage of these can dry your hair out and make it look unsightly and unhealthy.  You are better off washing your hair before going to bed and then putting it up in a ponytail, bun, or a braid.  You will end up with a great-looking wave in your hair when you wake up..

Now that you know best hair care tips

The tips in these article are just a few of the many available which will keep you hair healthy and looking great under the hot and scorching summer sun.  Now that you know how to keep your hair looking great, it’s time to put these tips and more to use while enjoying yourself by reading a book while sitting by the pool! So hope you get how to protect hair from sun?

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