5 Health Benefits of Eating Apples

health benefits of apples

There are many foods that are nutritious and should be consumed on a daily basis to take proper care of your health. One among such is the highly beneficial fruit ‘Apple’. We all know that eating an apple a day can keep you away from the doctors. Do you often wonder are apples good for you? It has been observed in many cases that eating an apple a day in the morning empty stomach can do wonders for your health. Many people wonder is apple good for heart? What are the apple health benefits, and otherkinds of apple benefits for the skin or immunity? Read on this article to find out all your unanswered questions. Here is a list of the health benefits of apple.

Apples can be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease:

Apple’s health benefits include the potential to fight against the substances known for causing Alzheimer’s disease. A powerful antioxidant called Quercetin is present in apples which protect the brain cells from degeneration. The Health Benefits of red apples are numerous which have been scientifically proven. Scientists have found that red apples have strong neuroprotective effects that prevent brain damage and other brain-related diseases.

Apples can prevent high blood pressure:

Benefits of eating apples include reducing the risk of heart stroke as it is rich in potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure as high blood pressure is a major reason for various cardiovascular diseases. There is evidence which states that one- third of cancer cases and half of the cardiovascular diseases and hypertension are caused due to an insufficient diet. Apples and even apple juices help in preventing heart diseases as they slow down the oxidation process which builds up plaque that is known to lead to various heart diseases. Researchers have also found that the plant compounds in apples can lower the risk of cancer. Thus, the health benefits of apples include preventing the risk of heart stroke and cancer.

Apple leads to a lower risk of diabetes:

Several studies have backed that eating apples leads to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. It is believed that the polyphenols in apples add to the apple health benefits and can prevent tissue damage to beta cells which produces insulin in your body. Insulin which helps in keeping the blood sugar level I n check are often damaged in people with type- 2 diabetes.

apple health benefits

Apples can also help in reducing cholesterol:

The Health benefits of apples are immense. One such is the reduction of cholesterol. More and more people are suffering from cholesterol with an increase in the intake of oily foods and ghee. The benefits of eating apple are that it provides fiber than most of the other cereals. Apples are present with a soluble fiber called pectin which reduces cholesterol, by preventing the lining up of cholesterol on blood vessel walls. It also reduces the risk of causing diseases like atherosclerosis.

Apples can relieve the symptoms of Asthma sufferers:

Studies have found that a diet containing antioxidants and vitamins can be very good for asthma patients. It has been observed that on the sipping of apple juice many asthma patients found their symptoms to be relieved. The phytochemicals in apples like flavonoids and phenolic acid are believed to calm inflammation in their airways and help in regulating their immune system. If you were wondering that are apple goods for you, then you may have got your question answered. These are some of the health benefits of apples and you may have come across more of them during your lifetime. Studies have also found that apples are beneficial even for weight loss.

Apple health benefits lie in its peel. It is always advised to eat the apple without peeling it otherwise you may lose many of its nutritive value. Though many of the scientists based their experiments on apple’s peel and flesh it has been found that apple juices have the benefits to prevent age-related mental decline. The health benefits of apples are unforgettable. A health-conscious person should make sure to include an apple in his diet every day. It can help in the prevention of many diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and even asthma. The apple health benefits can’t be compared with any other fruits. No other fruits may be as beneficial as apples.

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