10 Frequent Bathroom Faults That Must Be Fixed

Bathroom Faults

Though it is the smallest space, yet bathroom is the most important one. Even it causes a number of headaches on a daily basis to the homeowners. Starting from the leaky faucets to clogged drains all types of minor as well as major issues are emerged here.

Gradually along with time, these turn up to be the most severe of them all causing several potential damages to the property and possession. Some regular bathroom issues are mentioned here along with the ways to fix them for your reference. Read on to know.

  1. Poor Ventilation

While constructing or remodelling a bathroom, you must ensure its accurate ventilation system so that the moisture and humidity can be alleviated to a great extent. If lingering of the humidity takes much time after you have used the bathroom, then you must examine its vents.

Improper installation of the vents must be accounted on time and the non-working fans must be replaced soon. A good indicator to know that your bathroom cannot ventilate well is by noticing the unwanted spots and residues of moisture drips on the walls and other surfaces. 

  • Mould

If the bathroom fails to ventilate properly then after some days you will observe the build up of mildew and mould here and there on the walls. These issues must not be ignored as these possess the ability to agitate allergic reaction and affect the respiratory tract.

Remodelling of the bathroom is the best decision can be ever taken to combat with these issues after noticing the suspicious spots. You must call the emergency plumber in London to minimise the risk by assessing and removing them completely. If it is left like this for so long, it can make you pay a lump sum of money as mould removal costs.

  • Leaky Shower Heads

You can cope up with a leaky shower head for a few days but it results in hiking up the water bill greatly. Moreover, as it leads to the excess release of moisture, it can develop mould issues to its surrounding areas as well. Replacement of the gasket is the easiest option to fix the showerhead issue. It can be performed on your own at the same time.

  • Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are another nuisance which annoys every homeowner and still they neglect it. However fixation of this issue is quite simpler and you can do it on your own too. By shutting off the main water valve, remove the leaky faucet and carry it to any nearby local hardware shop.

The shopkeeper will check it extensively and provides you with the replaceable spare parts. You may also opt for a complete new faucet as well. If the issue occurs more frequently, then you are advised to deal with both faucets and showerheads appropriately. 

  • Clogged Drains

Ignorance of the slow drains for a long period of time can develop the issue of clogged drains. At that time, only a plunger can be your right assistance to fix the issue in the right way possible.

This technique is also ideal to clean the slow drain or unclogging the pipes as well. You may also hire the emergency plumbers to do the job for you if it lasts for a long time.

  • Slow Drains

Frequent drain problems are occurred because of the lodging of various substances including hair and debris in its system. Slow drains are the primary phase of the clogged drains and hence can be effectively dealt with the hot water. Flushing down of the hot water slowly into the drains helps in unclogging by dissolving the oils, grimes and dirt.

If the problem persists for long then you may require a little fishing which can be easily performed by a drain snake. Sometimes, pipes have to be removed too for ensuring proper cleaning of the debris.      

  • Lower Water Pressure

When it is about weak pressure of water, the prime culprit is the build up of the limescale. An easy solution to get rid of this issue is to use the descaling solution in the tank. Substitution of the old showerhead with a new one can also enhances the pressure of water.

  • Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet can arise anytime despite midnight and odd hours. But it can be dealt easily with the help of a plunger. A toiler auger or a drain snake can also be your companion in plunging the toilet effectively.

  • Running Toilet

A continuous running toilet is probably the biggest issue as it can spike up the water bill. Mostly it happens due to the sticking of the flapper chain or its excessively high floating. Thus, spare some time from your hectic schedule to inspect into the tank and ensure the correct position of the chain. If needs replace it or adjust its position to fix the issue entirely.  

  1. Sewer Smells

Bad and unpleasant odours emit from several places like leaks, stagnant water, mould and clogs. Whenever you will perform the ventilation; clear the issues so that smell gets eliminated naturally. If still the strange smell remains then it must be due to the sewer gas.

At that time, you can follow the effective natural-remedies to combat with the odour effectively. Otherwise you have to call your reliable as well as local plumber to fix the issue immediately.

So these are the issues which every homeowner has to experience often. To ensure the proper fittings and reinstallation of your bathroom call 4D Heating and Plumbing. We have a great number of experienced plumbers in London area who will handle all sort of bathroom issues you are facing regularly. 

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