Major prerequisites for developing a food delivery app like UberEats


Every entrepreneur who has a food delivery service will look for ways to develop their business. With each developing level, they will feel the urge to move on to an advanced level. This can definitely be done with the help of an UberEats Clone app. These apps are an effective tool that will help you scale up quickly to the proceeding levels.

As a part of expanding the services, the entrepreneurs can launch a clone app that will be compatible with Android and iOS devices. They can approach several app development companies available in the on-demand market to develop an app. However, prior to building an app, there are a few aspects to be decided on. These factors will help entrepreneurs build a user-friendly app.

Choose the right partners:

When you enter into a food delivery business or if you already have one, you have to team up with the right set of restaurants, because they can have a greater influence on your business. If the food outlet or restaurant does not deliver proper quality food or packaging, the user will report it to the food delivery service provider. It will have a negative impact on the food delivery brand. So, make sure you enter into a partnership with the appropriate restaurants.

Decide on the cuisines:

Food has many cuisine styles, so you have to finalize the styles that you will include in your app. If you are planning to include all the styles, then you can go ahead and partner up with any good food outlet you find. In case you are going with a few styles, then find the restaurants that provide that style of food and team up with them.

Fix a particular geographical region:

Initially, when you launch your food delivery service like UberEats, you can decide on a single region. Take efforts to establish your brand in that region, and once you have done that, you can extend the region and add more features. Before expanding, make sure you get to know the interests of the people who live in that region. Direct your marketing strategies based on their mindset, and you will become successful in a short span of time.

An external source of income:

Apart from delivering food, there are other sources such as advertising, promotions, etc., that will be an additional source of income. You can host ads of other companies in your app, and you will be paid a fixed sum for it by the concerned company. You can also get paid for each lead the companies get via your app.

Vital features of the app:

The app should have a few features such as geo-location, reviews and ratings, advanced search filters,etc., that will make it user-friendly and highly responsive. You can also add a few attributes based on the market analysis also as it will take your brand to more customers than expected. For your reference, a few characteristics of the app are listed here:


The registration process should be easier. Enable registration using phone number, email ID, and social media accounts.


Send a unique code to the phone number or email ID of the user and allow them to enter it in the app to complete the authentication process.

Advanced filters:

Include search filters to help the customer find a food item of their choice easily. They do not like spending too much time finding the perfect place. You can also have a recommendations section and display a few recommended restaurants based on their previous orders or preferences.


The users should be able to pay easily for the order they have placed. Make sure you include multiple payment gateways in the app.

Live tracking:

Ensure that the delivery executive and the user are able to access each other’s location. Their contact details should also be visible.

Ratings and feedback:

The delivery personnel and the user should be able to rate each other. If they want to provide any additional feedback, they can do so in the feedback section.

God’s Eye View feature:

This attribute will be present in the administrator’s panel. With this feature, the admin can view the complete earnings record, user and delivery executive details, the status of the delivery personnel, number of orders served, and more.

Delivery executive verification:

Documents of the delivery personnel have to be uploaded to the app as soon as they register with it. After the approval process, the executives can start accepting orders.

Status of the executive:

The delivery executive should have an availability slider using which they can display their availability status.

24*7 service:

Before launching the app, decide on whether you are going to provide the service 24*7 or only through the day. Customers generally prefer service at any time of the day.

Profile setup:

Allow the delivery executives to set up their profile. Include a short description box where they can write a few lines describing themselves.


The customer should be notified regularly about offers, discounts, and the status of their food orders. Push notifications, emails, and text messages can be sent to the users.

Transaction history:

In the history page, the user will find the list of orders they have placed till date. Whereas, the delivery executive will have the list of orders they have served.

Search option:

Using this option, the customers can find their favorite restaurant or cuisine and order in a few seconds. They do not have to go through the entire list of the available restaurants to find their preferred one.


The users can mark their favorite or most preferred delivery executive under this list. The executive available in their list will be assigned next time to the user if they are available.

Product information:

On selecting a food item, the user can view the details about the service provider, the ratings, and more.

Technical support:

The customer should be able to contact the technical support team and resolve their queries whenever needed. The support team should make sure that the user’s queries are addressed as soon as possible. An app with all these features will definitely become an instant success in the market. The developers at UberEatsLikeApp will help you build an efficient food delivery app like UberEats and launch it on multiple platforms.

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