Few Interesting Facts about Violet – the Birth Flower of February

Violet flower

While seeking the birth flowers of each month, we presumed red roses for the month of February for which all praise goes to the 14th of February, the day of romance. Whereas the datum is neither red rose nor any other red blossom is apropos in this case. Rather, the purple-petal violet is the official birth flower of the month.

From now on, whenever you are about to order midnight flower delivery in gurgaon for your close one born in February, the violet bouquet is yet another wise consideration.

The Violaceae family’s flowering plant has nearly about 600 species. Other than purple, the flower exists in white, blue, and yellow hues. A wide range of violets is retrieved in the northern hemisphere.

Uses of Violet

This eye-catchy, vibrant, awesome fragrant flower is undoubtedly a perfect present for anyone you are associated with on any occasion. But your favourite violets lends enormous benefits to our health. This sweet flower is immensely used for culinary and medicinal purposes in European countries. Due to its splendid aroma, it is used in many cosmetics and perfumes.

Violets are Edible

While having dinner in the restaurants you may have noticed these blooms in your dish as the ingredient of garnishing. You can prepare salads, wraps, and sandwiches with Violet flowers. These beautiful flowers look awesome when put on the blueberry cake icing.

Violet Tea

The violet flower tea is excellent for natural detoxification and improves the functionality of the circulatory system. This tea calms the mind, relieving anxiety and stress leaving a relaxed frame of mind without having supplementary sedatives.

Therapeutic Aspects

  • Violets are very effective in reducing a dry cough. It alleviates the congestion in the chest and prevents asthma
  • It completely diminishes any growth or cysts on the skin. The flower infused oils can thwart breast cancer. The study for this is still going on.
  • It keeps the heart in good condition reducing cholesterol and normalizes blood circulation in the body.
  • These blooms consist of salicylic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the ache caused by arthritis.
  • There is mild astringent in these flowers. The leaves and flowers of violet plant discharge nourishing and skin hydrating juices that acts as a natural moisturizer for your hands and feet. They are also largely used in the commercial preparation of creams and moisturizers for this property. 

The Eminence of Violet Flower in Various Countries

Napoleon Bonaparte

This historic icon Emperor of France loved violets so much that he used these flowers to cover the tomb of his beloved wife. During those days, people gave these flowers to this great statesman as a sign of loyalty towards his Highness.  

Violet as State Flower

This magical flower is the official state flower in major US state provinces including Illinois, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

magical flower

Apart from being the just the birth flower, these fragrant blooms fetch good luck, prosperity, and inspiration. These are some of the virtues, you may always want to give to your near ones on their birthday. 

Since they are the birth flower of the most romantic month of the year, they are also the perfect gift to send via Valentine Day Flower Delivery services to your beloved to depict trustworthiness, exuberance and intense love in your relationship.

Connotation of the Violet

royal-tinged flower

This royal-tinged flower is the symbol of truthfulness and loyalty. This floweret has gained several further meanings throughout its journey in distinct cultures.

It is believed that violet first bloomed when Gabriel acquainted mother Mary about the soon arrival of Jesus on this earth. In the context of this yarn, the flower is considered to be the sign of devotion and modesty.

According to the traditional belief, these flowers got their deep tints from the blood of Attis- the Phrygian God of Consort and Vegetation who died from self-imposed wounds.

As per Greek mythology, these blossoms are the symbol of deep love and fecundity.

There are even more other denotations of violet such as abundance, faith, virtue, and spirituality.

These blossoms are believed to have acquired the deep purple hues from the Venus- goddess of love in Greek mythology. In ancient Christian belief, these flowers symbolize reticence and devotion.

Now that you have explored some exciting facts about February birth flower, what is your next birthday gift idea for the people born in this month?

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