5 reasons why you should choose Chennai for your destination wedding

destination weddings in India

Chennai is an upcoming choice for destination weddings in India. Many couples choose to plan their wedding in Chennai because they consider it to be a romantic city. The beaches, parks, and museums provide a quite and peaceful ambience for a wedding, away from the everyday hustle. Here is why Chennai is a great option when it comes to hosting a destination wedding in India: 

Picturesque Venue Choices

One after the other, the venue options for a Chennai wedding are not only picturesque but also highly hospitable. You can check out venue options like rustic temples, heritage resorts, cathedrals, or luxurious lawns for organizing your wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. Especially when it comes to beach resorts, you can book private beaches and have a sunset lit backdrop for your wedding pictures. The day will be etched in your memory forever and you would always cherish the one sunset of your special day. 

The cuisines

Within the boundaries of this great city is a confluence of many cuisines, all of which offer mouth-watering delicacies. Most good marriage halls in Chennai provide a mix of all these cuisines for you to select from, for your wedding and pre-wedding functions. In addition to seafood, you could delve into the taste of popular South Indian delicacies like Podi Idli, Puttu, Murukku, Rasam, and Pongal. You could also try sweets like Mysore Pak and specialities from other states like the Hyderabad biryani. 

Offbeat Ambience

Away from home, Chennai makes you feel at home with the help of its ambience and picturesque landscapes. The greenery, clean water beaches, and colourful infrastructure make the city feel like home. This offbeat unique ambience is very suitable for romantic couples starting their new journey. It adds a new level of freshness to the celebrations. The charm of the city ensures that it adds a romantic vibe to the wedding. 

Tourism opportunities

In addition to being the city with great venue choices for a destination wedding, Chennai also offers great opportunities for your guests for tourism as well. While planning their trip, they could also plan some extra time to look around the city and explore the most popular tourist destinations and spots like beaches, cathedrals, museums. They could also check out the most popular food outlets in Chennai and give their taste buds something different to relish or shop at the most-popular markets in the city. This place takes care of your wedding entertainment for you, by providing such great places for your guests to visit. All you have to do is plan a tour in the free time when no wedding functions are scheduled. 

The upcoming choice for destination weddings

With destinations like Goa or Udaipur and Kerela getting comparatively crowded during the wedding season, Chennai is a new and upcoming choice of many couples. This has also led to the advancement of wedding-related services in the city including wedding planners, caterers, photographers, etc. You can get access to world-class facilities within the city for whatever wedding requirements you may have. 

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