The Longest Yard: 5 Budget Considerations for Your Yard Sign Printing

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For an effective campaign, event or advertisement, it is very important for you to reach out to a larger audience in lesser time. This requires you to go for a promotional means that you can use in places that receive higher footfalls for longer time-durations. And this is where yard signs come in.

Yard sign printing, as the name suggests, makes the use of yards, and other public places or places that are prone to a larger viewing audience like parks, road intersections, etc for effective promotions. However, as with any other print product, yard signs also have a budget. And since you are running on a budget, it will be profitable if you know how you can invest less while making the most of your yard signs.

Here are 5 budget considerations to be made for yard sign printing:

  1. Single-sided or double-sided? : It is always suggested that you go for double-sided yard signs as they will be visible from either side and thus will garner higher views than a single-sided yard sign in the same amount of time. As far as the money is concerned, you are getting more for less. For example, single-sided custom sign printing may cost $10 whereas double-sided printing may cost 15$. However, the $15 investment will bring in more traffic and thus have a higher return-on-investment.

Moreover, you can use the double-sided yard sign for two different purposes simultaneously. While one side can carry a sale offer, the other side can invite the audience for an in-house contest or event.

  • Colors: Colors play a very important role in yard signs. Since they will be visible to higher traffic, it is necessary that their message is easily readable. For this, the usage of bright contrasting colors is recommended. While the background may carry a color like red or blue or green depending upon the nature of the message, for the font (keep it minimal), you can use white which will highlight the message clearly. It is suggested to consult the online printing service provider about the process of printing they have in order to have a clear idea about the process and cost.
  • Material and display options: The durability of yard signs also plays an important role in deciding the budget. Yard signs that are made up of corrugated plastic have a long-lasting ability and can even withstand outdoor conditions for a longer period of time. Thus it is always suggested to opt for these although they are a bit high in price than the regular yard sign printing. The coroplast substance provides a professional look but is not much expensive. This lets you have a higher return-on-investment too. As for display options, wire stakes are a great option and also the least expensive.
  • Shipping: Based on when you want your yard signs delivered, the cost of shipping may vary. Shipping also involves the quality of yard signs you have ordered. Thus it is always suggested that you order your yard signs well in advance in order to save more from your budget.

Various online printing services Californiaprovide various options for shipping or turnaround times. This enables you to decide when you want your yard signs based on the date of your sale or campaign.

  • Minimum order quantities: This is also a consideration that plays an important role in your yard sign printing and promotion. Many online services of custom sign printing provide low minimums while some provide high. It is your job to decide which will be best for you and your promotion considering your budget.

Keeping these 5 points in mind will help you in saving more while investing in yard sign printing. And this will thus allow to you a more effective business promotion.

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