Cryptocurrency Adoption: An Adverse Look at the Mass Market Demand


During 2017, Bitcoin and Altcoin were gaining incredible media attention. The astronomical prices were driving the market. This frenzied activity was limited to a tiny group of traders. People that wanted to cash in on the prices were the exception rather than the rule. Mass market adoption remains ambiguous for a series of reasons. The cryptocurrency is volatile for many people. Almost every day, folks are mistrustful of highly volatile financial instruments. It gets difficult for speculative actions to anticipate vis a vis cryptocurrency. Many people were impressed with the current cryptocurrency price, hence they decided to invest in the same.

Fundamental Issue of Scepticism

This gets down to the fundamental issue of scepticism. Also, if the asset can retain its value and grow in value, then mass-market adoption will show a good result. Any supply or demand does not back its purpose.

Curosity and interest have got their way by reluctance and aversion. It is nothing more than a shell game that has come around and recognised the value in bitcoin and blockchain technology.

No Middle Man

Bitcoin is peerless. In this situation, there is no middle man involved. All of these things need to take place with a trusted ecosystem. And that too, without any hindrance.

Stability of pricing mechanisms in crypto will be served as a disincentive. Mostly, the thanks can be given to the volatility of crypto in which people are interested. The adrenaline rush is the one component that serves the short term interest of the traders and speculators.

Accurate Stabilisation

Mass market adoption is the only method by which stabilisation of price can occur. They also must be perceived as the substitutes for money such as USD, GBP; EUR, ZAR and many others.This has been evident across the board with many of the fintech operations and trading brokerages. This will allow trade and investment into the cryptocurrencies. Those people might realise the ethereum and blockchain as some trading and transacting. Countries like china, india, south africa, brazil, canada, uk and spain are all adherent of cryptocurrency.

Factors that Affect the Trade of Cryptocurrency

Several factors affect people to buy cryptocurrencies over the traditional currencies.

Cryptocurrency has an option to thrive as the internet infrastructure is functional. Here, the unknown factor is that debit cards are top-rated, and it also permits account holders to withdraw the money. Companies that offer the use of crypto-based debit cards are seen to get high turnover. Estimated research states that over 69 per cent of people will have debit cards in 2020. Here the mass market option is a natural convenience.

 Diverse Changes

Additionally, these changes are already happening in front of our eyes. The main thanks have to be given to the payment processing options. These options are available at leading the e-commerce giants and money transfer corporation. Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash hold a reserved place. Also, it is a traditional banking enterprise. A varied number of other retail trading brokerages have added cryptocurrency to their platform. Many people are happy with these market changes. Also, many are getting affected by the response of other people. A high percentage of people are moving towards the field of cryptocurrency purchasing. They have seen long term benefits in it, which makes them excited to invest into it. Rest of the market demand is left upon the interest of the general mass.


Many market developers, representatives, marketing agencies, cryptocurrency mass have shown a lot of interest in buying cryptocurrency. This has led to such a big change in the market demand and the sales field.

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