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Though Belgium is a small country, its plethora of sites will never get out of your sight. Brussels is the capital city and is home to a number of acclaimed UNESCO sites. The buildings of the country date back to the 14th century and their elegant architecture would give you an overwhelming feeling. Bruges, with its preserved medieval streets, is an ideal place for tourists. The Ghent and Mechelen are also there to stun you with their sheer beauty. People all across the world know Belgium as a country that stood against its enemies in World War I.

It would not be an overstatement if we say that Belgium has a huge chunk of European heritage. Each year, thousands of people come here through Turkish Airlines flight booking to explore the marvelous architecture. If you are also going to visit Belgium, here are the places where you must go.

1.     Brussels’ Grand Place

If you ever come across an imaginative medieval market square, chances are you will reach the Grand Place. The plaza is hidden from the view and can only be accessed through one of the six narrow alleys. You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by its gild houses and the ornate walls. Furthermore, a 15th-century City Hall is also there you stun the visitors. Europe’s best-preserved plaza is the testimony to the artistic expression of the country.

People usually walk leisurely on the space in front of his Grand-Place. You will also see several people taking pictures of Grand-Pace in a bid to store its magnificence.

2.     The Battlefields of Flanders

It is no secret that Belgium was at the forefront in warding off the enemies in the First World War. Indeed, most of the people visit this place just to get the nostalgia of World War I. These battlefields are not only historically important; they are also holy pilgrimage sites. The obscured trenches here are a few kilometers long and offer the visitors a genuine depiction of the battlefield. Plus, the area also has vast cemeteries for the people who died during the war. The Tyne Cot Cemetery has the graves of British soldiers, whereas the Lange Mark’s War Cemetery is allotted to the Germans.

3.     Ghent

If you are looking for innovative art along with a shade of serenity, you should go to Ghent. The small town is famous for medieval structures, historical buildings, and the sacred churches. Plus, the art of the town is so marvelous that you would want to immerse yourself in it. The pleasant charm and blooming flowers attract thousands of visitors each year. This place is one of the top unique places to visit in the country, owning to the surreal blend of history and laidback vibes. The prominent tourist attractions of Ghent include Saint Nicholas Church and the Gravensteen.

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4.     Meuse Valley

Meuse Valley lies on the southern side of the country and is an ideal place to experience the lush countryside of Belgium. The Valley provides visitors with a perfect opportunity to unfurl the beautiful scenery while taking a trip along the river. The limestone cliffs back the cute town where the dense forests are interspersed with the tiny homes. This region is also famous for cycling and hiking competitions and the towns of Dinant and Namur can be chosen to enter this area. Though the cliff-top citadels and the historic landmarks increase the attraction, it is the scenery that is the real highlight.

5.     The Atomium

The Atomium is a symbol made with steel balls and thin tubes. In this landmark, the steel balls are connected with thin tubes. It was designed to look like an iron crystal blown to 165 million times its size. It was also the crown in the jewel of the 1958 World’s Fair. The skyline of the city gets definition only to the gravity-defying Atomium symbol. There are a total of six spheres available to the public. The official agency of Belgium has also claimed the intellectual property rights of the structure, and so, no one can take pictures of it. To acquire cheap airline tickets, you should be booking the flights in advance.

6.     Antwerp

Antwerp will satiate your hunger by offering the true Belgian delight. The area is all about art, traditions, and culture. On the one hand, it displays the ancient architectural wonder, and on the other, the modern food scene dazzles the visitors. Furthermore, the trendy galleries and museums of this area have an out of the world feeling. Amazingly, Antwerp is also called the diamond district of the country, given that more than 70% of the world’s uncut diamond pieces are traded here. The prominent tourist attractions of the area include Plantin Moretus Museum and the Antwerp Zoo.


Belgium will not only revitalize your nerves, but it will also enhance your exposure to European tourism. You can visit to book the flight for Belgium at affordable rates.

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